Dell Canada: 50% off 4 Panasonic Sanyo Eneloop High Capacity Pre-charged Rechargeable Batteries

12 November 2013


Power up over and over and over again with these Panasonic Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries from Dell Canada.

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My grandfather always had rechargeable batteries. He had a big charging station that sat on his kitchen table and there were always batteries in it. The guy wasn't really an environmentalist so I can't imagine he had them because he was concerned about them being in the landfills. He didn't have a ton of high powered devices that were constantly draining batteries. He was cheap. He was also loaded with cash. I'm not saying his uncompromising use of rechargeable batteries were solely responsible for his great wealth but, well, come on, why else did he always have those batteries?

Of course I'm kidding. My grandfather didn't get money by using rechargeable batteries, he got money by being an executive at CN. He did, however, keep his money by doing things like using rechargeable batteries. I used to have a great set of (coincidentally) Sanyo batteries but they slowly disappeared. They never even stopped working. I just lost them. Now I'm buying regular batteries like a sucker and it's kind of dumb. I'm definitely going to pick these up. They are only $12.99 for four AAs. That's $12 off the original price of $24.99. As it turns out, $24.99 is also how much they are at some other retailers such as Amazon.

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(Expires: 15th November 2013)

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