Signature Event - Save up to $600 on Select Electronics and High End PCs

7 October 2012

You wanna start living high on the hog, eh? Rolling around in piles of gold bars, pate and TVs. Well, start it off right by being a cheapskate. Just don't let your new high hog living friends find out or else they won't let you into their high hog living club.

As you can see, there are actually two separate deals here so I'll give you a few items from each. First, the PCs.

And now the electronics and accessories.

There are some great deals here on both PCs and Electronics. The PCs, as I mentioned, are all high end if you were coming into this looking for a cheap PC, you aren't going to find it. On the other hand, if you were looking for, say, an Alienware computer like the inimitable Avigayil Morris was recently, this is the sale for you.

The electronics and accessories are great too. They have five monitors on for $20 off and four TVs at $600 off. One of the TVs is $400 off. There are a ton of other things on sale there too but I wanted to focus on something vis-a-vis the TVs. When you look at them they only have the MSRP and you have to click to get the sale price. This is fine but the explanation for the need to click is very strange indeed:

Some manufacturers occasionally suggest that products be advertised at their suggested retail price. If we decide to sell items for less than the suggested price, the sale price is shown here. Expect a large savings whenever the product you're interested in does not have an advertised price.

I can't figure out why LG would want Dell to only show the retail price. It doesn't make any sense for them to do it. I know some companies, like Apple, want to have the illusion of being a high end product so they keep prices up and disallow any major sales or discounts. LG has not traditionally been one of these companies. Oh well, I'm not a marketing pro for LG, what do I know. Of course I'm not losing money on my TV sales so there's that.

(Expires: 11th October 2012)

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