Dell Canada: LG Spotlight Sale

Dell and LG are teaming up to bring joy to your eye holes!

Dell has these spotlight sales every once and a while to basically show off a specific company's products in their home electronics section. In this case it is LG and they've given some really nice discounts. There are twelve TVs, one Home theater system and three Blu Ray players. Here are a few of the TVs. They are better deals than the BluRay and Home Theater.

Listen guys, a TV is a TV. You know the routine. You need to look at the specs and decide what you want. There isn't much I can tell you here because it would just consist of me rambling off specs and I don't wanna do that. A TV is a personal choice and, other than to say that these are good prices, I'm going to leave the decision up to you.

I will mention one thing in regards to smart TVs though. If you're looking for a bigger TV, you can't go wrong with an LG smart TV with Wifi. As my two year old would say "Oooh, is nice!"

Ok, so now I need to fill another paragraph or two. Sit down class, it's time to learn! We've all seen the LG "face" logo and we've all heard the "LG Life's Good" slogan but have you ever wondered what LG means? Was it a company founded by Lou and Gary LifesGoodenstein? No, actually it was founded in Korea by Koo In-Hwoi in 1947.

The company was originally called Lak-Hui (Lucky) Chemical Industrial Corp. and, as the name implies, made chemical products such as plastics and soap. A few years later Lucky started a consumer electronics company called GoldStar. The company merged in to Lucky-Goldstar in 1958 and in 1995, became LG.


(Expires: 12 July 2012)

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