Cordless Optical Mouse for $14.99

This is a great deal, and I remember the last time dell had cordless optical mice for this cheap I bought one and it is still going (just have to recharge the batteries).

The DEAL: Logitech V220 Cordless Optical Mouse for $14.99 originally $35.99 (you save $21!)

You can get this mouse in two different colours: Blue Flourish or Blush Butterfly. If you are looking for a small mouse to justDellMicestick in your computer bag to travel with you and that doesn't cost a lot, this could be your mouse! I really like both colours, I can't pick a favourite!

This mouse is $31.99 on, and $20 on (+shipping) and on it was $25.59 + $8.48 shipping as it was not in stock but rather in the marketplace. At Best Buy they are $29.95 and at Future shop they currently have the blue on sale for $19.99 (but no red (blush) one). No matter where I looked, Dell is by far the cheapest!

I have no clue when this sale ends, so if you want one.. get it quick!


  • Shannon M.
    The Expiry Date for the wireless mouse is 6 a.m. EST on November 5. They then "refresh" their "Hot Deals" on Fridays at 6 a.m. (EST) I just ordered the blue flourish mouse. After I click "Proceed to Cart & Checkout", the following message appears with the mouse: "You have qualified for savings with your Hot Deals purchase! Expires November 5, 2010". And....there are no shipping costs! It does say that the mouse is for Notebooks, but after reading through the many posted comments, it appears to work with laptops. You may need to check the "Tech Specs" to ensure your laptop/notepad will work with this mouse. It does say that it is "Compatible with Windows 7 and "Certified for Windows Vista".
  • Shannon M.
    Sorry - the shipping is $0.75.
  • Alex
    $.75 it's GST

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