CyberLink: Up to 30% off CyberLink Software and Upgrades

CyberLink is dropping their already low prices on some of their most popular media software with some great fall season Cyberlink coupon codes.

Sorry I had to format those a bit oddly. I didn't want to give you a wall of text and links with the price and savings on every version, delivery time and their upgrades. You can explore all the different options on your own, with the links provided.

CyberLink software is a weird set of programs for me. It's stuff that I would never buy but I see the usefulness of. I think I would never buy it because I'm a Linux geek from back in the day. I'm used to running my system from a command line so putting a menu on a DVD (or burning a DVD for that matter) isn't something that I do. That being said there are tons of people out there who want to take videos of their kids and turn them into professional looking DVDs or people who want to have fun with their webcam or use it for business.

The other segment of their software line is like a lower end alternative to some expensive software. These are programs like PhotoDirector. PhotoDirector is a photo editor. It isn't as powerful as PhotoShop but is a huge step up from MS Paint. They have a whole line of great, cheaper alternatives to some expensive programs. Of course they only have one of them represented in this sale but if you're looking at CyberLink as a cheaper alternative, getting a discount on PhotoDirector is a good introduction to their software.

(Expires: 15th December 2012)

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