Costco.Ca $29 Off Jack LaLanne Stainless-Steel Power Juicer

Serve up juices and mixed drinks with ease and speed using the Jack LaLanne Stainless-Steel Power Juicer, now $29 off at, so it's only $99.99 with free shipping!

Jack LaLanne Stainless-Steel Power Juicer Make fresh nutritious juices in your own kitchen with Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer. No need to peel, core, or slice fruits and vegetables.  Until the 17th of January 2010, you can get this juicer for $99.99 with free shipping and handling.

You automatically save $29 upon checkout and no coupon code required.

Staying healthy can be so convenient with this handy aid.

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  • Anna
    Nice deal!! My sister has one of these and it is really really handy. It's so easy to make the fruit juice. The only annoying bit is the cleaning up afterwards...

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