ComGateway: Get FREE U.S. Shipping Address & Forward Your Purchases Over The Border

Is there anything worse than missing out on a deal because the store only ships to the U.S.? Get it shipped to your free ComGateway Address!

ComGateway is a neat service that gives you a free address in the U.S. to ship to. Once it gets there, ComGateway will forward it to you, for a fee. comes to mind instantly when I think about how I'd use this service. They are almost always cheaper than Amazon Canada, and they offer things that we don't have here. Diapers, for example, are hugely cheaper on It probably wouldn't be worth it to get one pack of diapers through ComGateway, but stocking up would certainly be worth it.

And sometimes it isn't even about saving money. Sometimes the services just don't ship to Canada. One that ComGateway mentions is Zappos. They aren't the cheapest, but they have awesome products and, unfortunately, no longer ship to Canada.

What store are you going to shop at with ComGateway? Let me know in the comments below!

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