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12 December 2011

Over on, there's a special price on the Coby Electronics CAM3002BLK Pocket Camcorder - its down from $29.99 to only $18.94.

That's a great price for a budget gadget! The main features of the pocket camcorder is that it has 4 x Optical Zoom and a 1.8-Inch LCD Screen. The Coby pocket camcorder also supports SD/SDHC memory cards so the memory is expandable if you need more storage space.

The Coby Electronics CAM3002BLK is actually the size of a credit card, you can't really tell that from the picture - but that's pretty small! I think it could be a great idea for a stocking stuffer, or even a little pressie for a child or teenager.

There are no written reviews of this item on, but I googled for some reviews and found some on other sites. Some examples of the kinds of things that people are saying about the Coby Electronics CAM3002BLK pocket camcorder:

It's not that bad, the picture quality is OK but the overall product feels like cheap plastic and I have yet to figure out how to set the real time clock on this unit [Amazon]

That kind of sums up what I would imagine about the product - you're not paying much for it, so you're not going to get a super duper gadget, but it does the job.

Remember that you would get free shipping if you make your order up to the $25 threshold.

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  • Margie
    I have this little camcorder and it is just fine. I use it when I am in a place where it might get stolen, I just remove the memory card after each use. The fact that it has a memory card makes it easy to transfer it to the computer - there is a way to transfer directly from to computer via a funny little link-up, but never bothered to learn how. The picture is okay and I was pretty surprised at how good the sound was on such a cheap little unit.
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Oh great, thanks for sharing Margie :) Great to hear from someone who actually uses it!

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