BestBuy Canada: 60% Off Novotech Mattress & Pillow Protectors

BestBuy Canada has really started branching out into household goods and they are hosting some good sales to encourage people to check them out. Right now they are offering 60% off Novotech mattress and pillow protectors.

Protective covers on your pillows and mattresses can really extend their life. Pick up the NOVOtech Celliant Queen Mattress Protector for only $71.99, regularly $179.99. We have a queen size bed and I think it is a popular size, so I decided to use it as an example. You can get mattress protectors for all sizes of beds in this sale.

The size of the protectors you want to buy will also depend on the size of your pillows. You can get the NOVOtech Celliant Double Pillow Protector (6075) - 2 Pack for $31.99 (save $48) or the NOVOtech Celliant King Pillow Protector (6075) 2 Pack for $39.99 (save $60). There are also queen size protectors and others as well.

Enjoy free shipping on $20 or more.

(Expiry: 5th September 2013)

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