Best Buy: Trade In A DVD And Save $5 On Select Blu-Ray Movies

5 April 2011


Until 5 May 2011, trade in your old DVDs at Best Buy and get a $5 credit for each DVD to use towards the purchase of select Blu-ray movies. One $5 credit can be used towards the purchase of each Blu-ray title.

Take your unwanted DVDs to your local Best Buy store and get them tagged by a store associate. Then find the Blu-Ray titles that you are looking for and take everything to the cashier.

There are over 150 Blu-ray titles to choose from. Some of the more recent ones I found include A Team, Despicable Me, Inception, Knight and Day, and The Hangover.

The DVDs you trade in must include the box. Burned/copied DVDs, promotional videos or x rated DVDs won't be accepted. DVD box sets will be credited as one DVD.

A good way to get rid of your old DVDs, especially if there are some Blu-Ray titles that you are looking for! Looks like prices of Blu-rays range from $9.99 and up.

(Expires 5 May 2011)

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  • Gregson L.
    Just so other Moosers know, the deal advertised at Best Buy is also available at sister store Future Shop. It just isn't well advertised - it's a little yellow band on one page of their movies page. I only went looking for it because we don't have any Best Buys here in Guelph, Ontario - but, we do have a Future Shop. Thought this would help others in the same boat as me! Gregson

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