Best Buy Canada: Digital Dollar Discount Codes!

Best Buy Electronics release these “digital dollar” coupons every now and again, to get you extra discounts on your online purchases. Here are the most recent coupon codes:

  • COUPON10804184116456 = $10 off $100+
  • COUPON25804202749427 = $25 off $250+
  • COUPON50804221382398 = $50 off $500+
  • Ends: 23rd December 2008

As you can see, you can get up to $50 off your purchase.

How to use:

Go to the Best Buy store online, add some items to your cart, and go to it. Towards the bottom right you will see a link saying “Use Digital Dollars”. Click it, and input the appropriate promo code when the page loads.

Sadly, Digital Dollars don’t work towards the purchase of gift cards!

UPDATE - will be active between December 11th and 23rd, 2008.


  • jeff
    doesnt work
  • Anna
    Hmmm it was working when I made this post. Now I read elsewhere that it will be active again between December 11th and 23rd 2008. Welcome to Bargainmoose jeff :)
  • Darren
    The $50 for $500+ Code didnt work for me either. but I called customer service and they told me to go ahead and finish the purchase through step 5. When finished, I told her it doesnt show the rebate. She then took the code from me and added it manually to give me the $50 off. Thanks
  • Anna
    Good to hear you got a result Darren! An extra $50 in your pocket is a real bonus!

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