Best Buy Canada: Apple iPad Mini (Silver) With Retina Display 32GB | Was $520 Now $355 (EXPIRED)

5 November 2014

iPad Mini

This one is super hot, folks! Best Buy is currently having a great sale on their Apple iPad Mini (Silver) With Retina Display 32GB, and you'll be able to save $165! It normally retails for $519.98, but you can now buy this iPad Mini for only $354.98! Plus, you'll also qualify for free shipping! This one is very spicy, so click on the link below as soon as you can - very limited quantities are currently available, so check out this deal before these iPad Minis are out of stock!

I currently have an iPad Mini, and I love it - mine also has 32GB of space, just like this Apple iPad Mini (Silver) With Retina Display 32GB that's currently on sale at Best Buy. I use it for everything - whether I'm checking out my banking statements, browsing the web, reading eBooks, and checking my Facebook, or watching videos on Youtube or Netflix, listening to podcasts, and playing games, my iPad Mini is almost always by my side.

There are so many useful free apps that you can get for your iPad. This Apple iPad Mini (Silver) With Retina Display 32GB also has an integrated 5MP camera, and it has FaceTime capabilities (you can have video chats with this great device). You will have plenty of uses for this popular tablet.

If you were to buy this iPad on Amazon, it would cost you $499. It's currently sold out at Future Shop, too. I've included a snippet of a review of this Apple iPad Mini (Silver) With Retina Display 32GB from a satisfied Best Buy customer below:

I am very satisfied with this Apple product. This is probably the best device for usage by people with poor eyesight. The resolution on the iPad Mini with retina display is tremendous. Many Apple users say that this iPad Mini is a major step-up from the 1st gen iPad Mini, and I totally agree.

Check out this deal before it's gone! Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 6th November 2014)

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