Amazing Deals on HDTVs

6 December 2010


Anyone in the market for a new HDTV this holiday season? I spent some time and looked up some current sales going on for you:


The same TV is $999.99 at Best Buy. I couldn't find it at The Source or Amazon. But for a 50 inch TV, that sounds really good to me!


So, I did some price comparisons. On they are selling the exact same unit for $899.00 USD. On The Source they are selling it for $799.99. On Future Shop they are selling it for $899.99.

The same beast at The Source was $599.99 and at Future Shop was a comparable to BB @ $579.99, pretty close.


It was comparable at The Source and Future Shop within $20 of that price.

A pretty cool lot. I would have to say the LG would be the most temping, a 50" for only $700? wowwie! Btw... what is the major difference between LED, LCD and Plasma?

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  • Lupatinadora
    Just a quick comment, BestBuy's free shipping does not apply to TV's 40" or larger, unfortunately. I am looking into buying mine this week, great deals!
    • Avigayil
      Thanks for the comment! Do you know what they charge for shipping TVs 40" and larger? Because if it is too much (around $25) The Source would beat Best Buy on the Sony Bravia 40".

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