Bargainmoose & Contest: 10 Days of Deals & Giveaways! (Day 1 - CLOSED)

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*** Contest now closed, winner was Darci! ***

Hello Moosers! We’re starting a new contest today and we’re going to be giving out lots of lovely prizes to many of you. We’ve got our hands on ten $50 gift cards to spend online at, and we’ll be giving them out in a series of contests over the next 10 days. As well as the gift cards each day, we’re also going to be setting up a daily hot deal, which you might want to take advantage of.

I know Halloween isn’t even over yet, but I am already starting to consider my holiday shopping. I’ve begun to make a list of the deals I want to find, a list of items for which I will be hunting for my kids, nieces and nephews. Hopefully these ten days of deal will give you some inspiration for your shopping list too. We’ll have deals on all sorts of computers and electronics from

First of all, today’s daily deal is a sweet price on the Acer M5-481PT laptop computer:

Deal of the Day: Acer M5-481PT-6666 Intel Core i5 3317U(1.70GHz) 6GB Memory 128GB SSD 14" Notebook Windows 8

  • Newegg promo code:  BM1025
  • Discount: $300 (from $999 to $699)
  • Shipping: $9.99
  • Coupon Expiry: 26th October 2013

If you’re interested, just click through to the link above and check it out. It looks like a decently specced laptop for home use, and it’s a handy discount amount.

On to the contest!

If you want to be in with the chance of winning one of the $50 gift cards today, just leave a comment below telling us when you do your holiday shopping. Have you started yet? When do you plan to do so? Have a chat below. :)

Rules: This part of the contest ends 26th October 2013, Canadian entrants only, one entry per household, winner chosen at random

Check back each and every day for the next 10 days to see all the hot electronics deals from, as well as giving you the chance to win one of the ten $50 gift cards! Don’t forget to subscribe to our email updates as they will alert you about each day of the contest too.


  • Cappellis
    A $50 gift card would be awesome!! I haven't started my holiday shopping yet, I usually do it around the 2nd week of December.
  • RandomGuy
    Nice contest. Well as for me i don't usually but much around Halloween since i can't seem to find good deals. I usually wait until boxing day
  • Stephanie C.
    I'm starting to do my holiday shopping now and I usually do most of it online. I don't like being in the malls in December!
  • Kelly P.
    I started shopping for all the kids, got most of it done already. I love Christmas. Cheers.
  • Pat M.
    We usually do our Christmas shopping in November and we are doing most of it online now. Very convenient way to shop.
  • kashhish
    50$ card is great! but a 50$ gc is even better because of the great deals going on there! as a tech geek would love to pick up something at a 50$ disc! :D
  • Katy
    I usually do my shopping at the beginning of December, and I love shopping online. Fingers crossed for this gift card =)
  • Johanna
    I already started beginning of September - I saw some online deals at Toys R Us and couldn't resist! I'm hoping to do a lot of it online, then a mad rush in store for leftover gifts.
  • Anita
    I didn't start my shopping. I am probably doing it mid november.
  • Paloma
    I usually do my Christmas shopping late November to early December!!
  • Deborah
    I have got my Christmas shopping started but usually end up getting that 'last' present on December 24!
  • Tiffany
    I shop throughout the year by having a "Gift Ideas" bookmark folder, where I save pages of items I think might be good for different people, so I can look back at that for inspiration when gifting time comes around. Because of online shopping, I can't leave everything to the last-minute anymore because it needs time to ship, so now I try to be finished at least 2 weeks before Christmas! :)
  • suzi
    I haven't started shopping yet but I really should!
  • CeeCee
    Haven't started, usually do it last minute, unfortunately!
  • Amber
    I do my holiday shopping all thruought the year and alot online, I have only 3 more things to get on my list and I'm done for this year!
  • Kitty
    Haven't started mine. Will do just a month before Christmas when there's better deals around.
  • LDC
    Believe it or not, I'm almost finished my Christmas shopping - AND wrapping! This year I've been wrapping as I purchase things (and keeping a list to keep track) and it's been going GREAT! Last year I did a lot of early wrapping and it made December SO enjoyable. Happy Holidays everyone!
  • Dianne
    I'm hoping to do some Christmas shopping during Black Friday sales.
  • Cosimo
    Wow, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Bargainmouse is fantastic. Truly a site that helps Canadians on everyday shopping. As for the holidays, it really depends on when I have enough to pick something up...
  • Lucie
    I started planning for xmas in September. $50 would go a long way towards my gift-giving. Thanks Bargain Moose!
    I am actually starting mine today!!
  • Jasen H.
    I do my Christmas shopping throughout the year, getting more serious about it around Thanksgiving. The majority of it is done online! I'd hate to be stuck rushing around mid December battling crowds of people trying to get it done.
  • Lenny
    I started a long time ago, when I see things on sale. My son is almost done buying onto the other half and my parents!
  • Dianne A.
    I have started but I usually do most of it in December.
  • Ann
    I already started with a few online purchases but don't seem to get done until a few days before Christmas, I probably like the last minute running around.
  • Lisa
    Usually I would start buying around now. Since I have a new puppy, this year I will be doing most of my shopping online!
  • DJ
    Have started some already - got the kids main presents and a couple smaller things. Have to start as early cause there's no other way to do it - and still have money to have hydro to turn the Christmas Tree on! p.s. New to BargainMoose and really liking it! Keep up the good work!
  • Bonnie
    I will probably start my Christmas shopping about mid November. I like spacing my purchases .
  • Laurel
    What a great idea! I started shopping a few weeks ago so I do not have to do it all at once or use on pay cheque, lol. I do a lot of shopping online and the rest in local stores. Happy shopping everyone! Thanks Newegg and Thanks BargainMoose!
  • skeetersden
    I shop all year long, I do most of it online, too many deals not to grab them up when I see them
  • DonnaP
    Watch for sales and deals online starting in the fall, stash finds for Xmas and saving $$ along the way feels great! Usually can get more for your money without breaking the bank.
  • Steve
    I have bought a couple things but have a cew birthdays before christmas so like to get them out if the way before i can get into the christmas buying mode.
  • Cecilia
    Already started. I start during the summer to see what is on sale. Found some great deals for my daughters...
  • Lynne H.
    I haven'st started my shopping yet; I usually start in November:)
  • ZinkFollowers
    Not started yet. Still deciding what to buy.
  • Karla S.
    I have started my Christmas shopping since usually shop all year long whenever I see a good deal! :)
  • Cheryl
    Tried to start my shopping yesterday, however having been told over the phone by a certain store that they had plenty of items in stock, I took the skytrain to Gastown to find that they actually had next to nothing. It's a Celtic brooch, so I want to see it in person rather than buying online.Tomorrow will be a new start!
  • ginette4
    I start my Holiday shopping in October, shop here and there and hopefully I have it all done by December.
  • guna1
    I have not started and usually don't get it done until the second week in December. Somehow it always works out.
  • Josh S.
    havent done much holiday shopping yet.
  • Anne B.
    nope not yet
  • Lindsay T.
    Yep I've started! Always start in the fall, when I find something good I pick it up.
  • Cara
    December.. :(
  • sheila
    I have done some holiday shopping already but the bulk of it will most likely happen mid November.
  • sandra
    Allready started..when I see something on sale or a good price I pick it up. Heading to the states for a shopping wknd with a friend and we power kids or hubbies.
  • Astryr
    I've only just started. Normally I'd be about half done by now!
  • Marilyn
    I shop all year for bargains but most of my Christmas shopping is done in November and December especially if it is a gift sent through the Internet.
  • Diane
    Also alrdy started my christmas shopping, I like it pick up a few things at a time when stores are having good sales.
  • Alison K.
    I do my holiday shopping when the need hits me & that's usually later & later as the years go by. I find the holiday season to have lost it's purpose & it's all about the bigger & better gift. Makes me want to miss the whole season entirely. Maybe I'll just bake/make something this year.
  • Gary
    usually last week of November is when I get out and do all the shopping (still early enough to avoid long lines)
  • Krystal
    I love Christmas and I tend to get really into the Christmas spirit. I have already started making a list of potential gifts for my boyfriend and my family and friends. I've searched online to get a feel of prices, but I haven't really done any shopping yet. I usually start mid-November, unless I find a really great deal that I can't pass up, then I'll buy it early.
  • Scooby
    We usually do ours around the end of November but this year we are practically done already :)
  • Martin A.
    My wife and daughters already started buying their gifts... I'm still waiting for the Christmas music to start playing on the radio... then I go!
  • Donna L.
    I usually start in early December when I start to feel the holiday spirit.
  • lary
    middle of Dec. is when i begin to shop with all the last shoppers!!
  • michelle
    I shop throughout the year when I find good deals then donate any extras to the salvation army Christmas toy drive
  • Penny
    I start shopping with the Boxing Day Sales right after Christmas. Bargain Moose always has an extensive list of all the deals for Boxing Day, so you don't even have to leave your house. I continue to shop throughout the year, again using Bargain Moose to score some great deals.
  • Rodney D.
    Throughout the year, whenever I find good prices on items I know someone on my gift list will appreciate, I buy and store the items until the next holiday.
  • Wendy
    I usually have about 75% of my Christmas shopping done by the end of November, but I usually get my son's gifts last minute because he often changes his mind about what he wants 2 weeks before Christmas.
  • Linda
    I usually start my Christmas shopping in November, however, I do keep an eye out for things throughout the year.
  • stacey
    I don't start until beginning of December, usually that gives me enough time and things seem to be on sale around then. However I am always on the look out for gifts so if I see the perfect one earlier in the year I will buy it and save til xmas!
  • Anita
    I usually start in October, looking around for deals, especially around Black Friday
  • darci
    I start in the summer because if they are projects ie scrapbooking, online calendars, online scrapbooking or sewing projects they take more time/effort and I work on them as I have time. I also watch for sales and great online deals for electronics and clothing items and pick those up as I am able.
  • Anon
    I end up shopping at the last minute most of the time...
  • yingy_c
    I don't start until the very last minute too!
  • lilpeej
    I actually do my Christmas shopping throughout the year. I try to pay attention to what people say they want and need and pick those items up when they are on special. That way, things aren't so stressful when the holidays approach.
  • Dora B.
    I always do my shopping last minute since I love the rush of it all. It is so fun to be running around trying to find that perfect gift for everyone!
  • Andrea W.
    I usually start shopping the last week of November and finish within about three weeks.
  • Jennifer
    I try to start early in the year, watching for deals on unique gift ideas. I also make some gifts as well so I need the lead time.
  • zahra p.
    I usually shop 2 weeks before christmas, because we dont do big gifts, only stocking stuffers.
  • Linda P.
    I usually start in late August, but leave the stocking stuffers etc until 2 weeks before Christmas.
  • Lise P.
    I have already started xmas shopping. Sometimes, when I see something I will buy it if I have money at the time.
  • Danati
    I will do it late november/early December, I enjoy the extended hours in malls, also on week days is not as busy, if you go late.
  • Trisha Y.
    Just started some sale items for the tree and one gift! ;)
  • Luisa
    I get the bigger items out of the way as soon as I can (usually by the end of November) and then do the stocking stuffers right up to the last minute.
  • Nena S.
    I haven't started yet, I'm always late! I usually start at the beginning of December!
  • Crystal Q.
    I start in September every year! I keep notes on my phone throughout the year, and shop early for the best deals.
  • Simon L.
    I like to start looking in mid November or so
  • Joanne
    I just ordered the usual standbys from - calendars and cds. Calendars are pretty cheap on but they don't really promote them. Just search for 2014 calendar and you'll find thousands of choices.
  • Sandra
    Not yet maybe next week.
  • Dave
    I wait until the last week. So I don't have to worry about the presents being found
  • CalgaryCaper
    I have thought about ideas for people, but have not bought anything yet. I will probably start next week.
  • Linda Q.
    I usually do my shopping 2 weeks before X'mas.
  • Scott
    I'm a last minute shopper most of the time.
  • Brendon B.
    My crafty wife needs a new monitor. I think I would get that for her.
  • Julia
    I need more external storage for my pictures and videos!
  • Wolly
    I start shopping in September. Shop and hide! I'd use the $50 towards a hi def usb camera.
  • lasha
    I usually just purchase my gifts when the inspiration arises and then I find something wonderful
  • Aaron
    I have everything planned in advance so shopping is easy as Christmas approaches.
  • Tania
    Usually November, but I need to start buying gifts for people all year round and get my Christmas shopping done early!
  • Sebastien
    Last year i started inthe end of November but with BF4 and cod Ghost im thinking about starting really soon because my gopu is old and i need an new one.
  • John
    I do some shopping in November. I try to not do a lot then because I cant wait to give the gifts. I will do more in early December with a final polish just before Christmas.

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