Bargainmoose Contest: Win a Toshiba Satellite 15.6” laptop from The Source Canada ($469.99 value) - CLOSED


*** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser Theresa!! ***

Enter this week’s contest for a chance to win a Toshiba Satellite 15.6” laptop from The Source Canada, a $469.99 value!

Here are some of the key features for this Bargainmoose prize:

  • Intel® Pentium® N3530 Quad-Core processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB HDD
  • 15.6" LCD display
  • DVD-RW drive

August is a bittersweet month. It’s a month that bums me out because it indicates that summer is coming to an end, but on the other hand it’s also a month that I look forward to for the great “Back to School” deals.

The Source has many Back to School savings this month on electronics and accessories. To facilitate finding these deals they’ve created 3 pages, which are Back to School Tech, Dorm Essentials, and Accessorize your Tech.  In the Back to School Tech section you’ll find items like our Toshiba Satellite laptop contest prize, tablets and printers. Dorm Essentials features small appliances and speakers. Accessorize your Tech includes items like laptop bags, headphones and keyboards. Additionally, this week The Source is featuring a “5 days of dorm crashers” event. Be sure to visit their homepage everyday as they’ll be announcing one special item for sale on a daily basis. The Day 1 deal is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 16GB for only $289.99. To compare, I found it for $299.17 at Staples and $305 at

If you’d like to find more promos from The Source, you can do so by signing up to their newsletter when you register for an account with them, and by checking out their Bargainmoose coupon page.

The Source Prize

Want to win this cool laptop for yourself?  Then answer the following question:

Why do you need a new laptop?

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends August 17th 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion


  • Shirley S.
    I need a new laptop because I do not have a computer! My kids have iPads and I have my phone only because they never let me have enough time on their iPads to do anything except check Bargainmoose once a day! I need something to print coupons from and to have my own time to check out more of your deals! Love your page! It is my daily fix! :)
  • AnnaS
    I've been on the look-out to replace my older laptop, and this looks good.
  • Richard
    Because my laptop was stolen last week and all my Smudge (deceased cat) pics were on it, and no I didn't back it up......#sigh#
  • Nina M.
    I need a new laptop because the motherboard fried in my old one! Thanks for the great contest!
  • Brandy
    We need a new laptop because ours went to its grave sometime last year and hasn't been replaced.
  • Amanda
    I need a new laptop as my old computer is soo old and slow it takes 10 minutes to load anything so I don't even bother using it. I use my phone instead but with an iPhone it's virtually impossible to do anything that requires flash and the screen is soo small it's hard to play any games for a long period of time.
  • Moe A.
    I've never owned one before. I think it's about time, right?
  • Leslie
    I would love a laptop so I could take it to the kitchen when I'm using recipes off pinterest. I'm new to this whole cooking thing lol. My husband was the main cook but I'm now on mat leave and would like to learn. The laptop would help a ton!!
  • Bill
    Great contest. Yes, I need a laptop. I want to bring it on my new boat.
  • Collin
    The girlfriends starting nursing school soon and needs a laptop so it would be a nice surprise gift
  • Sandra
    For the kids to be able to get their homework finished.
  • Carolyn
    Our last one broke
  • Sheila
    A new laptop would be great to replace my old one
  • Wendy M.
    We have 16 year old twin girls, needless to say I have a hard time getting on the computer to check out Bargain Moose!. A laptop would help clear up that issue. Thanks for putting up this contest!
  • James
    To do homework on the go! Can't drag this darn desktop around.
  • Peiyai
    I have a terrible clunky laptop that's slowing my efficiency down!
  • katama381
    My daughter needs one for school--otherwise I will have to give her mine :(
  • tracey l.
  • Ruby H.
    A new laptop will probably save my marriage (we fight over this one),...thanks for the contest!!
  • Amy
    My daughter in high school needs this hi-tech gear.
  • Alexandra
    My mother needs a new laptop. She uses my old one, which is 6 years old...
  • Mike D.
    Because my old one doesn't even exist!
  • Brennan
    My wife needs a new laptop because the screen on hers only works at a certain angle, and the power cable doesn't plug in properly anymore!
  • lennypuz
    My son who's 3 dropped my laptop...and with the other half going to england we kind of rely on Skype...I don't think mine will last much longer since he dropped it!
  • Diane
    Def need a replacement for my old one, it's getting old and obsolete
  • ZinkFollowers
    My old laptop is heavy and is getting, well, older, and the recent disastrous Lenovo door-buster deal just increased my appetite for a new laptop. Thanks.
  • Matt
    I would love a new laptop since mine is old and slow ! And since I begin my master this semester, a new one would be great for all the time I will be on it !
  • Elisha
    My laptop is slowly dying (I have to manually start the fan with a paperclip about every third time I turn it on...) so I could really use a new one!
  • Elisha
    Pinned here:
  • MrDisco
    I need a laptop to give to someone who's in need of a hardware upgrade. Their current computer is running on its last legs and doesn't run apps smoothly anymore.
  • kira t.
    My mom's computer is missing the 'e' button and she works with spEcial nEEds kids. I was hoping to get her a new one because she is the best!
  • Lisa
    My laptop is huge and bulky and quite full with photos. It takes its time to connect to the internet too. I'd be much more efficient with a newer model. thanks for the chance!
  • Ju
    I need a new laptop to replace my netbook
  • Monyra S.
    I am in desperate need of a new laptop since my first one perished this April from long term complications from a fall back in February 2013. While running late for a midterm, crazy Edmonton weather strikes again. In my need to rid myself of this dreadful test, up pops a piece of ice hidden under a fresh layer of snow. I did not fall at this point ... I flew. Saw my legs up in the air. In an attempt to save my back, I had to sacrifice my first child.. My beautiful laptop. This is why I need a new laptop. Not to replace my first but to try and fill this void in my soul.
  • Ivan
    I need a new laptop because school is starting and it would definately help me a lot!
  • Anita
    Pieces of my current laptop keep falling, I don't think my laptop can't hold on much longer. I need a new laptop.
  • Julie
    Our current laptop (I'm pretty sure) weighs at LEAST 10 pounds! It is also at the stage of its life where it is trying to die but we won't give up on taping the power cord to the side of the laptop at just the right angle so that it can get a good enough connection to run.
  • Kat K.
    I need a new laptop because mine keeps freezing up and it's slowing down my work. It's driving me crazy!
  • Ann
    My laptop is very old, heavy and dying...
  • Nancy C.
    I need to replace my old, slow laptop.
  • Brenda
    We are a retired couple. My hubby is always hogging the computer to play games. I would love to have my very own computer. Thanks You.
  • janicour
    My laptop is 8 years old. It is heavy and difficult to take with me . I would like to be able to take it with me when I am on the road for work.
  • Norma
    I need a laptop so I can email and Skype my grandchildren who live in England, so they will learn who I am and their Canadian roots, feel connected to their Canadian Grandparent and actually be able to see me.
  • Donnas
    My current laptop is an oldish one and it's so slow.
  • Donnas
  • Donnas
    Shared on Facebook
  • Mary
    I need a new laptop because my old one is just not up to the job anymore...too slow, too heavy and difficult to travel with.
  • Ada
    I need a new laptop because with 2 adults and 2 kids in the house, 1 older desktop is not enough for us to share.
  • Katie
    Thanks for this contest ... would love a laptop to take with us when we travel!
  • Dream24
    I am in desperate need of replacing my laptop. It's really old and is constantly breaking down, making it hard to take it with me while on the road for work.
  • Dream24
  • UncleStuart
    My kids spilled water on it's toasted! :(
  • Dream24
  • Lucie
    I desperately need a new laptop. Bought a computer from the Shopping Channel a few years ago. It's already showing signs of age. I'm a bit disappointed. My last laptop lasted over 6 years.
  • Dream24
  • Leigh
    My computer is getting older and my kids are starting to need a good computer to do their homework on.
  • Irene
    I need a new laptop, because over a year ago, I spilt an entire glass of water all over the keyboard and inside of the cpu. I let it dry upside down overnight, and I lost some features like WiFi, and abut 5 letters do not work on the keyboard. I now have to hard wire to the modem and use an external keyboard which doesn't make it portable. Also, the fan is always running and humming away which I think is not a good sign. I would love to have a new laptop, and I swear that I will never drink any liquids near it again!
  • David
    I need a new laptop because then I wouldn't have to fight with my wife to use the only one computer we have. And, I can go on all I want.
  • Josee
    I have to share mine with my daughter and husband so ine more would not hurt!
  • Cecilia
    My laptop screen is cracked.
  • Don H.
    My laptop is running WinXP and needs to be replaced. I already replaced the screen and it feels like it weighs 50Lbs.I need a new laptop badly. Here's hoping one falls from the sky.
  • Don H.
    Please send my new laptop as soon as possible
  • Cecilia
  • Lori C.
    I need a new laptop because mine is running Windows Vista and really should come with a continuous dose of Xanax! It drives me crazy. I've had it for over 6 years and I'm done with this crazy OS!
  • UncleStuart
  • Sue
    My laptop hasn't worked in years - would be amazing to help me with homeschooling our two kiddos :)
    I try to teach my children that it is nice to share....but I'm done!! My tablet has been taken over by my 9yr old and I only get it when the battery is dead!! I have to fire up the ole desktop to get anything done. Thanks for the great contest!!
  • Jonnie
    I need this laptop for my 14 year old son for back to school. He's going into grade 9 and so much of their work has to be done online that it would be wonderful if he had his own laptop he could use at home and school to keep all his assignments together and organized. He did have a laptop but it started running really slow and now it won't connect to the internet!
  • Cheryl I.
    I'd love a new one because mine is soooooo slow!
  • Laura G.
    All I have is my iPhone. My laptop is ancient I can't use it anymore, and with my daughter going into grade 1 I may need one!:)
  • ginette4
    I need a new laptop because my daughter needs one, if I won it would be hers for school
  • ginette4
  • ginette4
    following on Pinterest and pinned
  • Julie
    I need a new laptop because my kids keep taking mine!
  • Scott
    Why do I need a new laptop? That's easy to answer - because I've never owned one! I would love to try out one of those new-fangled "portable computers".
  • virginia h.
    Don't have one and know I really would like it. Thank you
  • zahra p.
    My current one is 5 years old and only runs if I remove the battery and leave it plugged much for portable!
  • Scott
    Posted a link from my facebook page
  • Sheri
    My laptop is running Windows Vista and shuts down on me all the time! I need a laptop even more now that my son is getting older and needs it for school work.
  • Scott
    And I "liked" Bargainmoose
  • Linda
    I purchased a dell latitude online 2years ago and now it is acting up! Most every time I cannot get anything done. I'm lost not being able to do anything on it and am limited to my tablet. I could really use this. Please!
  • judy
    i need a new laptop because mine is 8 years old and very very slow
  • Elaine
    The laptop would be for my mom -- she's still using my old laptop from about 8 years ago and waits forever for anything to load.
  • Doug
    Mine not working so great.... need new one.
  • Katy
    Mine's about 7 years old and has a couple screws consistently falling out and tape holding in the DVD drive. Just finished my PhD and could definitely use an upgrade!
  • yingy_c
    Mine is very old and heavy, i definitely need a new one to plan my lessons (i'm a teacher!)
  • Linda P.
    mine is about 8 years old, slow and cranky, and has duct tape holding it together, thanks for the chance
  • Tiggrr
    My son seems to have my laptop more then I do anymore. Would love to have one all to myself.
  • Kim S.
    Three words: Mine.Just.Died :( I would LOVE to WIN a new one!!!! :)
  • Andrea W.
    My son is a senior this year and really needs a computer for school
  • Carrie
    My current laptop is almost 4 years old and nothing is running right. I've tried reformatting and no luck :( I think it's time to get something new
  • Dini
    I would love a new laptop! Our old one died suddenly and we were told it wasn't worth repairing. Connecting to the electronic world without borrowing computer access from friends and family would be super.
  • Ken
    because i entered this contest.
  • Raz
    Would love to win this and give it to my mum. It is her birthday this month and she is hanging on to a 10 year old desktop computer..
  • lilpeej
    My current laptop is old and slow. A new one would work so much better!
  • Krystal
    I have an older laptop so it's slow and not as quick as it used to be, not to mention super heavy, too. I go to university so a new laptop would be wonderful.
  • AmandaS
    I would love to have a laptop as I'm working towards becoming a published writer. To be able to pick a comfortable, inspiring spot to write and not be stuck at a desk would be amazing! Thanks for another great contest! :)
  • AmandaS
    Tweeted! =)
  • Mei
    So I can store baby pix and documents
  • Karla S.
    OMGosh!! I NEED a laptop,,I have actually never owned a laptop,,or a tablet. I just have a pc computer that I have had for the last 8 years,,and it is old,slow,annoying,and I am ready to throw it out the window. ..It is definately time for an upgrade, I would soo love this,thanks so much for the chance! :)
  • Karla S.
    I follow on pinterest and pinned
  • Karla S.
    I follow on twitter & tweeted
  • Michelle A.
    I need a new laptop because mine stopped working and I tried going into one of the stores and I just got confused - too many options!!
  • Stephen
    I need a new laptop as mine is 7 years old and just about to kick it! Thank you Bargainmoose!
  • Darci
    My desktop is aged would rock to have something a wee bit more efficient....yep yep....I love all the deals and amazing offers on BargainMoose Period...thanks for this chance!
  • Angelene A.
    Shared! Would love to win, as my current Toshiba is 7 years old and is having a very rough life recently, I need an NEW relationship please!
  • Kaitlyn
    I'm heading back to school after being in the workforce. My old laptop just won't cut it any more
  • tyler
    I need a new laptop because mine is really cheap and slow. I would like to do the errands on the laptop without waiting all the time.
  • Nathalye g.
    Mine is not working very well anymore ;-( 6 years old !
  • BlessedTA
    Need one to do my work
  • Lynn
    I really could use a new laptop, my son uses my laptop to do his homework assignments and mine is on it's last leg. He will be going off to college next year so I would really love to give him a laptop of his own to send him off in style.
  • Janine
    because I don't have a laptop.....not even an old one.....
  • juliennesalad
    I need one to replace my old netbook
  • Jo
    Because my desktop computer is slowly dying and funds are pretty tight! ;)
  • Colin
    I just changed jobs and I had to give up a laptop that I was able to use at home. Just my smart phone isn't cutting it!
  • Mike G.
    I need a new one because mine is really old!
  • Theresa H.
    My son needs a laptop because he swears gr. 11 will be much better than last year and that he'll put more of an effort into his assignments.
  • Tammy S.
    Another laptop would definately help keep the peace in our household. Our desktop is beyond dinosaur age, and we can't really afford a new one. 5 people juggling one laptop can make for some unhappy customers at times. Thank you for the opportunity! ;)
  • Sabiya S.
    Mine's getting older, for that reason I need a new one pretty soon!!! Thanks Bargainmoose
  • sujoh49
    I need a new laptop because my husband just retired and is used to having his own at work! Now "my laptop" is constantly being used by him....... HELP he needs his own.....
  • Andrea S.
    I need a new laptop because I don't own a laptop!
  • Pat
    I need a new laptop because my kids have absconded with my old one...this one would be just for ME!
  • Karim
    I travel for work a lot more now so a laptop would be handy
  • sandro80
    To download movies & sports betting.
  • lukru
    Mine was built before Moses,his tablets are lighter than my computer..
  • Wendy
    My laptop is 8 years old and barely running anymore. I'd love a new laptop that I can also share with my daughter who is in high school now.
  • summerlovin
    I need a new laptop because I haven't had a computer to myself in years! I'm starting my final year of high school and I think having a laptop would definitely be beneficial to my school work.
  • suzi
    I haven't had a portable computer of any type since my little netbook and it died a slow and painful death but is no more. Having a laptop would help me so much! While I can get online with my ipad, it just isn't condusive to typing and writing stuff!
  • Nancy M.
    My feet swell when I'm on the desk top. I need to work for bed with a laptop.
  • Nancy M.
    I tweeted -
  • Nancy M.
    I like BargainMoose Canada on Facebook. Shared the contest on my Timeline:
  • Nancy M.
    Following on Pinterest. Pinned contest.
  • Jessica
    I need a new lap top because mine is from the stone age :S
  • Tricia C.
    I need a new laptop because mine is so old and slow and temper mental - it challenges my patience every time! Great contest - thanx!!
  • Lisa
    I need a new laptop because I've never owned a new laptop... I would love to have one!
  • Tricia C.
    I follow on Twitter. Tweeted:
  • Tricia C.
    I like BargainMoose on FB. FB Share:
  • Tricia C.
    I follow on Twitter. Share:
  • maple23
    As a single mother, employed part time, I have very limited funds. Thus I coupon a lot and bargainmoose is perfect for that. :) However I don't have any computer and must always go to a siblings place to use their computer and Internet. Winning this contest would be huge for me as it would save me so much time and I would own my own laptop. Just amazing. It would help in so many ways. I hope I win. :) :)
  • Karen
    This would be great!
  • Piroska
    I need a new laptop, because this one is starting to choke. It's constantly heating up, slowing down, and it's slowing dying of old age and wear-and-tear! :o)
  • James
    I need a new laptop so I can give my old one to my aunt and uncle, so they too can enjoy all the splendid deals found on Bargain Moose! ;)
  • Gayle E.
    I need a new laptop as any time I have tried to own my own , it gets borrowed long term by one of the kids!

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