Bargainmoose Contest: Win a Brother Wireless Colour Inkjet All-In-One Printer from!

*** Contest now expired, winner was Bargainmooser Amie! ***

How does a new wireless colour printer sound? How about getting it free? Bargainmoose is graciously holding an amazing contest to give away a Brother MFC-J6510dw wireless colour inkjet all-in-one printer (worth $249.96) courtesy of!

This printer literally does it all (except change the ink and paper, you'll have to do that). You can print, copy, scan and fax, all with one handy machine.

I'd love a new printer, as I usually use my husband's printer, which is downstairs and he always complains that I use all his paper or ink. I need my own for my own office (so I can complain to myself that I used all my ink and paper). This is also quite handy to have with the kids around as I'm constantly printing things for them and losing their paperwork. If only I could make a copy, then I'd have two bits of paperwork to lose. I also print out quite a bit from Pinterest, which makes me much more accountable to make the recipe/craft, etc., that I've pinned.

How to enter this contest:

In order to get one entry to this contest to win your own Brother wireless colour inkjet all-in-one printer, simply tell me what you'll be printing on your new printer. Leave your answer in the comments below.

For bonus contest entries:

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  • Contest ends 17th June 2013
  • Canadian entrants only
  • One type of contest entry per household
  • Contest subject to change at admin’s discretion


  • Alimo
    I can't wait to print/scan/copy all my kids school documents!!
  • JWarnock
    My daughters 1st birthday is next month and I have tons of photos that need printed and all the party decor/tags. I sure could use a new Brother printer.
  • Ann
    Would love to print all my home decoration and renovation ideas in color.
  • Debbie B.
    Family pictures, I want to do albums up for the grand kids with lots of old family pictures
  • Debbie B.
    Tweeted @skeetersden
  • Debbie B.
    Mentioned on my Facebook
  • Pamela
    Graphics! Stories! Lessons! Inspirational quotations for my students! Posters! I know, I know, its not very exciting to write about printing things for my classes, but this is what excites me - designing, scanning and creating personalized resources for my students. I would also love to scan some newly discovered family documents: love letters my grandfather to my grandmother, my father's report card from 1959, his visa application to Canada (1973). The printer may not make me a better cook, but it would be so helpful to finally be able to print out the recipes on pinterest, and my other favorites. (Right now, the laptop is sometimes placed precarioulsy close to the stand mixer, which is why there was icing sugar between the keys yesterday!) My creative instinct has been quashed since the passing of my old printer last year and this would certainly help bring it back! Many thanks for this contest.
  • Alessandra
    I would use the printer to print up graphics I design for my room as well as make collages for various family functions.
  • Christine D.
    I would love to use this for my home office and also to print great quality pictures! I really enjoy giving frames as a gift to people for special occasions and it is wonderful to put a picture in that has meaning for them and is of great quality. Thank you.
  • Stephen
    Holiday pictures!
  • Catherine K.
    I have tax returns that I still need to print out for our records. Should probably start with that - but will probably print out a greeting card for an upcoming birthday.
    A wireless colour printer would be great for everyone in our household. I could finally print recipes right from my computer in the kitchen instead of dragging my laptop downstairs. My daughter could print her school homework and pictures right from her room without going downstairs and disturbing her Dad while he is working in the home office. Wireless sure would be a dream come true! :)
  • Chris
    I'll be printing coupons of course! My younger kids like to print out their art work. My older one needs to print school assignments.
  • Lisa A.
    I'd be printing the kids' artwork for hanging and my son's hockey team would like shirts made so I'd try the iron-on sheets and give it a go! :) And wireless... yay.
  • Lisa
    I would print out all my kids pictures that are currently hanging in cyberspace... They would look so much better on the walls of our home!
  • Marisa E.
    I'd use it to print out recipes & receipts! Thanks!
  • Heidi R.
    A wireless printer would be a printer of my dreams. Right now I have two computers and one printer and whenever I want to print something I have to get up, go to the printer and plug it into the laptop to print something. What couldn't I do with this printer. There are just endless possibilities. Aside from the most important thing of keeping track of all my kids schedules, I love to cook and bake and could print out endless possibilities of recipes to create and share good things with my family and friends.
  • Debbie B.
    Besides boring work stuff, I'll be printing family photos and invitations to my many home parties and events.
  • Kelly S.
    Why I would print the Bargainmoose deals and coupons of course !
  • UncleStuart
    A picture of the printer.
  • Krystal T.
    I'm in university and we always have so much lecture notes to print out so I would love to have this printer in my room so I wouldn't have to always go to the library.
  • Dora
    I will scan my thousands of photos!!
  • Marissa
    I'll be printing pictures of my family and all of my coupons!
  • Mona
    I love printing out recipes I find online.
  • Tabi
    Family pictures, because we haven't been printing since about 2002 when digitalized pics became more convenient. Nothing beats having physical prints!
  • Sue
    Homeschooling stuff, and photos!
  • Brandy
    I'll be printing everything on our new printer because we don't have any ink in our old one :)
  • G
    I will print my novel, SHALL WE THREE, pictures and all...
  • linda z.
    EVERYTHING! there would be no,coupons, recipes, poems, etc. etc.
  • Jason
    I would be printing school work, lectures, reports, etc. fun stuff!
  • sandra
    I will scan all those projects my kids do and print my photos
  • Maxine S.
    I would love to print recipies from my tablet
  • Kayla
    This should not even be classified as merely a printer when it does so much more! It seems like a sleek version and the Cadillac of all home and business "PRINTERS" I'd love to have this as the newest addition to our home as not only would I print awesome BARGAINMOOSE coupons and deals with it, but I would quite literally use every aspect of it as I always use the scanning features and have often needed a fax machine in the past! My current printer Is an archaic black and white model. Being able to create and print great photographs for memory picture albums and or scrap books would be amazing and the black color and wireless feature are perfect for matching my home decor!
  • melanie s.
    We have not had a printer for the past 6 years because we were printing too much useless stuff and causing alot of waste. We are ready for a printer. Running out of pen and paper.
  • Donnas
    I like your idea of printing from Pinterest, usually I just have the computer open to the recipe page and am running back and forth from the baking area to the computer.
  • Donnas
    I subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily email updates.
  • Beth
    I would use this to print recipes and other fun things
  • tasha n.
    We keep saying we need a new wireless printer! We own a small excavating business and I use it for invoicing etc. We have had our brother for 6 years. A wireless would be so handy since we don't have an office and I'm always running back and forth to the printer with my laptop!
  • Leah
    Sewing patterns and recipes!!
  • Rick
    I'll be printing pictures of my cat. He has kidney failure and not long to live now and it would be nice to have some pictures of him around the house.
  • Christine
    I really need a wireless printer for everything I do on my laptop!!!
  • yingy_c
  • ravefirell
    Going to be printing button designs mostly. ^o^/ Other than that probably portfolio art to add to my resumes.
  • Beatrice
    I'm getting married on a student budget, so I would love to print out my DIY invites using this printer.
  • Maegan M.
    I would mostly print coupons for me and coloring pages and crafts for my kids :D
  • Maegan M.
    I subscribe to you via email (same address)
  • Maegan M.
    I tweeted:
  • Maegan M.
    I shared on facebook:
  • MicheleZ.
    I can't wait to print all of my family vacation photos!!!!
  • Deepak P.
    I will have my daughter print her school project on "Rabbit".
  • Nick
    I would print my scientific paper !
  • Tracey L.
    I'll be printing coupons; lots of coupons,...and pictures too!
  • Tina R.
    I would like to print a Father's Day card!
  • Kristina H.
    I will be printing ultrasound pictures and eventually live color photos of my my 1st unborn child when he or she arrives in Sept 2013
  • Des D.
    I would print my daughters graduation photo's
  • Danielle H.
    I'd be printing lots and lots of coupons :)
  • Pip
    I'd print photos for the albums I'm supposed to be updating. :)
  • Pip
    I tweeted about the contest.
  • Pip
    I subscribe via email.
  • stacey
    definitely printing out coupons!!!! and personal budget spreadsheets!
  • Ana
    a collage of the summer for the 3 girls.
  • chris
    I would print coupons from bargain moose, scenic pictures of outdoors and pictures of my family having fun and enjoying life.
  • Linda
    I would print photos, recipes, coupons, things of interest for the kids.
  • Anna
    I am currently printing coupons and documents.
  • Dianne A.
    I wii print coupons, tickets and documents for charity work that I do.
  • Linda W.
    I would print coupons, recipes, photo's and documents.
  • Linda P.
    our printer died a couple of months ago, my husband takes amazing photo of the outdoors, birds, animal, flowers etc and he could use a new printer for these thanks for the chance
  • Kathie W.
    Shopping lists, coupons, my budget, snail mail letters, application forms, recipes -- I print an awful lot in a day.
  • Elisha
    Ooh! I have a huge list of free printables that I've found on Pinterest, that are just waiting to be printed... (Also: I subscribe to the RSS feed of the site, not the daily email. I guess that doesn't qualify me for an extra entry on these contests?)
  • Karen
    I would print some great summer food and drink recipes!
  • Amy
    I would be using it to start a small business from my home, to build up my college fund. As well as be able to print reports in color without having to run to a printing store and pay 80 cents.
  • Diane
    I'll be printing coupons of course!
  • Aaron P.
    I would print off sheet music!
  • Steve W.
    I would print lots of digital pictures off my iPhone!
  • Barry C.
    i would print a ton of things, flyers for my favourite rescue(BHRR), coupons, instagram photos - all the good stuff!!
  • lynda k.
    I would print my photos from my last vacation in the caribbean
  • Gary
    I'd print off grocery coupons
  • Marianne
    I would print photos of my grandbabies to make up albums for each of them.
  • Tania
    I'll be printing programs for my wedding - one month away today!!!
  • Sabina
    I will print coupons for discounts and pictures & learning material for my nephew and niece
  • Leanne b.
    I will print recipes
  • Leanne b.
    Subscribe to BM email
  • Linda Q.
    I would print store coupons and photos.
  • Julie
    Acting scripts for my son!
  • Nena S.
    I print mostly coupons and recipes and my son prints his homework assignments! :)
  • Varun
    coupons, deals and flyers to same me some money!
  • elizabeth
    I will be printing pictures, lots of coupons and resumes so my husband will get a job....
  • Melissa
    I will be printing coupons and work related things from being an Independent Epicure Consultant.
  • Jessy
    I'd be printing resumes and cover letters because I'm looking for a job
  • Jessy
    Subscribed to the email list!
  • Jessy
  • william
    homework homework homework!
  • Al
    I will be printing my wedding photos from 07 May 2013 in Cape Town South Africa
  • craig p.
    i will be printing out colouring pages for my two year old son
  • Andrea
    anything I guess as I don't have a printer. coupons, pictures of the kids, colouring sheets, resumes for my son... :)
  • Andrea
    already an email subscriber :)
  • Andrea
  • Bonnie
    We are making a summer activity list! Things to do, and places to see! :)
  • Crystal C.
    I would print items from Bargain moose and family pictures and ideas like trips for us and parties and the like
  • Christina M.
    I would print photos at home, and maybe printable DvDs (label on dvd), if the printer allows it.
  • Natalia
    I would be happy to print my recipes, game ideas for my sun, may be an interesting news for hubby and coupons for me, of course.
  • L M.
  • lori b.
    i would be printing photo's
  • gagan
    I will print everything I can..speacially activities for my baby and his pals ,photos for him and friends. .pamphlets. ...etc etc...
  • Wanda B.
    I will be printing out some of the ebooks I have in PDF format.
  • Heyimauser
    I'm addition to the usual documents, I'll be printing off place cards and photos for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration in August!
  • Janelle
    I'm heading back to University at the age of 28, so of course I'll be printing out research papers, articles, and projects, as well as photos for my photography course I recieved as a present :).
  • bridgetcop
    I would print photos and coupons. And for my son it would be great for homework assignments
  • Andrew P.
    I will be printing family photos
  • Andrew P.
    Already subscribed to the Bargainmoose daily email updates
  • Amie
    I would print about 75% coupons.... Wirelessly from my cell phone!!! I'd also print things like tabs for organization, monthly budgets, etc. I think I would do all of it from my cell phone! That would be so cool! Lol!
  • jinny
    i would print some coupons,(i am curious that how Amie can get so much printable coupons??????????) and life changing story for myself
  • ginette4
    I will be printing my ebills
  • ginette4
    I'm a subscriber anger_family @yahoo dot com
  • ginette4
  • Cecilia
    I would print some colouring pages for my daughters
  • Cecilia
    Subscriber to your newsletter
  • Cecilia
  • Mike G.
    I'll be printing pictures of the kids!
  • Sia
    For my daughter who needs a printer of her own to print her art work...(she's only 5)
  • Amie
    Jinny, I just meant that 75% of what I'd be printing would be coupons.
  • Amie
    Thanks so much!!! Went to staples and was able to check it out:) can't wait to do everything from my cell phone now! :))

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