Apple Canada: $100 Rebate on HP Printers with MAC Computer Purchase

So Jodie posted here about the fabulous back to school promotion that Apple is having: buy a computer and get a $100 gift card for the app store. Fabulous. A lesser known deal is that if you buy an HP printer from the apple store with your computer you can get $100 back. These promotions can be combined.

The HP printer and the MAC computer must be on the same receipt: then you are golden. Get this: HP printers start at $100, so you are essentially getting a new printer FOR FREE, or just for the cost of the tax. It is worth the trouble to send in the rebate form, receipt and codes.

I just gave in and replaced my computer. As a university student I got $100 off my new macbook pro, got the free $100 gift card to the app store, plus bought an HP printer for essentially $20 ($120, then take off the $100 rebate). I decided to pay the extra $20 to get the wireless printing feature: with it I can print directly from my iPad. :-)

Stack your deals people! :-) Be sure to check out the rebate form for qualifying printers.


  • Ben K.
    "Mac" is not an acronym; it's short for "Macintosh" not spelled in upper case!
  • Anna
    Ben, you're complaining about something written in uppercase??!
  • Cristina
    Hi there, This sounded like a great deal. I went on the website and looked at the printers but all of the wireless printers start at $149.95. Could you tell me what the model of your printer was and how you were able to get it for $120?
    • Avigayil
      Hey! I checked my receipt and I checked the website and discovered that the printer I got, isn't on the website - my guess is they are currently sold out. My printer is a D110a
  • Suzanne
    I get the $100 printer rebate but how'd you get the $100 off AND the $100 gift card for buying the macbook?
    • Avigayil
      Education discount! If you are: "a College or University Student a College or University Staff member a K-12 School Faculty or Staff" You can sign into the education part of the apple store: and get anywhere from $50 - $200 off your computer.. depending how big or small you are getting.. and currently get a $100 app store credit for free. Check out Jodie's post that I linked to in the post above. If you have a relative that is in school or teaches they can be useful too. :D

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