Amazon Canada: 52% Off Miikey MiiPower USB/iOS/Nokia Backup Battery

Amazon Canada and MiiKey are bringing you the cure to the pain of bad battery life. They're doing this for super cheap, $37.73, and shipping it for FREE!

If you're like me, you don't have to worry about your phone battery dying since you're always near a computer. If you aren't near a computer, you have chargers in your pockets and in your car, or you can find a USB port on the back of a TV in a restaurant somewhere. These are all valid ways of charging your cell phone. Some people aren't as lucky (?) as I am and thus do not possess the ability to charge their devices all the time. For those people I give you the MiiKey MiiPower Backup Battery.

It is a 5600 mAh battery that you can plug into a device that charges via micro USB, mini USB, Apple 30-pin connector and certain Nokia chargers. Just to get an idea of what kind of charge this thing has, my Galaxy Note II which I think has the biggest phone battery around, is 3400 mAh. I could charge the giant battery in my huge phone one and a half times with this unit. The price is great too; has it for over $50. Since this is over $25 at $37.73, it ships for FREE!

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  • Michelle
    Hello, BM. The link takes me to and my listed price is $54.40 with (31% saved). The list price is $78.41 CND. I would have bought this item at $37.73.
  • Michelle
    Hello again, BargainMoose Canada. I found another similar product for $39.68 on both have 5600 mAh but unsure what the other differences are. Here is the link to the similar product:
    • Shawn M.
      They are the same but one is white while the other, the more expensive, is black. i don't know why the pricess are different but regardless unless you really need your backup battery to match your phone, I'd say go for the white! The funny part is the white one wasn't on sale when I wrote the article, it was actually about $15 more than the black one. I guess they flip-flopped! Thanks for noticing this and pointing everyone to the current deal.

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