Adata Micro SD Cards @ NCIX Canada from $6.49 & Free Shipping!


OK, I’m going to write a boring post, about micro SD cards!! They’re not a terribly exciting topic, nowhere near as exciting as Quantum Leap or X-Men blu-rays, but Micro SD cards are still a necessity in some of our technological devices and therefore a good deal is always sought after. Just now on NCIX Canada, there are a range of Adata Micro SD cards with prices starting at only $6.49. While that sounds good in and of itself, what’s even sweeter is the free shipping on any of these items!

The deals are on these three items in particular:

Before you jump in and buy, make sure you check your device to see if these Micro SD cards are compatible. If so, they’re a great deal on a little extra portable storage, be it for your cellphones, digital cameras, media players or any other devices.

While the expiry date on this deal is the 10th of June, we’ve seen hot deals from NCIX sell out quite fast in the past, so if you’re interested in getting a micro SD card at a great price, then buy now and think later.

Have a read of the reviews on the NCIX site too, as they contain some detailed information from customers. For example, one customer states that the 16GB card did not work with their raspberry pi 2 device. Most reviews seem to agree on the fact that these little Adata SD cards are good value for money.

(Expires: 10th June 2015)

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