(20 Sheets) Lexmark 4x6 High Gloss Premium Photo Paper Only $0.99 & Free Shipping @ NCIX!


I was browsing around on NCIX and I noticed a banner at the top of the page talking about a clearance sale, with up to 80% off select items. I clicked through… and the prices all seemed quite expensive. Then, I realised that the items were in order of highest price to low… so I scrolled to the bottom of the page to see what I could see. I spotted this Lexmark High Gloss Premium Photo Paper 4X6 (20 Sheets) there, it was originally $13.99 and it’s dropped to only $0.99 per pack, with free shipping too!

That works out at only $0.05 per photo print! The Lexmark 4x6 High Gloss Premium Photo Paper is limited in stock, and you can only purchase 10 per account. If you’ve got a photo quality printer that accepts this size of paper, then I’d recommend stocking up on this Lexmark paper as it’s a great price.

A quick blurb about this paper:

Lexmark's highest photo quality inkjet paper that's great for snapshots, internet images, and CD photos.

In the features tab on NCIX, they list the Lexmark models that would be compatible with this paper. But just because this is Lexmark photo paper doesn’t mean that it can only be used in a Lexmark printer. The paper would likely be compatible with any printer. It’d be up to you to research and check that out for your own printer before you make a purchase though.

As for prices elsewhere, I’ve seen this exact Lexmark paper for $3.23 + shipping @ DirectCanada, $3.29 + shipping @ BestDirect, $12.98 + shipping @ A-Power. And price comparing like-for-like with other brands on Amazon.ca, you’re talking about ~$0.30 per sheet for Epson, $0.24 per sheet for Kodak, $1.03 per sheet for Fujifilm. The cost per print with the above Lexmark paper is much, much lower, so definitely a great buy.

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  • Avigayil M.
    Excellent deal.

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