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Am I the only one who gets super excited when I see Lululemon added new merchandise to their We Made Too Much sale section? I think not! Lululemon online has stocked up the We Made Too Much section after their Boxing Day sale, and have added new colors to the Zone in Tights that were already on sale. These tights were $128 and are now $39.99. That's an amazing discount on a pair of their popular tights, along with newly added colors to the sale.

The Zone in Tights are available in the colors Raspberry, Peacock Blue, Cadet Blue, Cranberry, Forage Teal and Ultra Violet. Shipping is always free at Lululemon online, with  My favorite color has to be the Cranberry color but I'm also a fan of all the other colors. Let's check out the specs on these!

Like most of the clothing at Lululemon, these pants are made to practice yoga and are described as having a high-rise, no-dig waistband, for a flattering fit. They are made with lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric for those hot yoga sessions. I don't think I've ever seen Lululemon tights at such a low price, they are always so crazy expensive even when on sale. There's still lots of sizes left too, which is also a rare occurrence in the Lululemon world.

If you don't like the color choice or your size is sold out in the Zone in Tight, I spotted some similar tights which are also in the We Made Too Much section, namely the Ebb to Street Pant. The deal isn't as great, but they have more features and come in a cool range of colors. They are available in heathered black, heathered poseidon, wine berry/bordeaux drama, heathered desert teal, cadet blue/sapphire blue, heathered sapphire blue and heathered dark slate. These tights were originally $92 and are now down to $59.

Shipping is always free at Lululemon online, with no minimum purchase. Hot sale items always sell-out fast on in the We Made Too Much section, grab them while you can!


  • Marissa
    Just an FYI for those looking to purchase; these fit really tight. I'm a 2-4 in regular pants, usually wear a 6 in Lulu, and had to size up to an 8 for these. They also have a bit of an odd fit in the crotch area (falls lower, constantly feel as though I need to pull them up), and there's a bit of uni-bum going on in the back. They're fairly comfortable, but I can pretty much only wear them at home, although YMMV.
    • Brooke W.
      Thanks Marissa! I was considering purchasing these :) Good to know about the size before I went through with the purchase.
  • Alexa E.
    Thanks for the info Marissa! I also like your use of the term "uni-bum" ;) quite funny. Good to know about the sizing, I also have a hard time with the sizing at Lulu.
  • Avigayil M.
    Bought the shorts version even though I am technically sized out of Lululemon. I got a size 12 and my hips are 47". They fit perfectly. They do a little compression thing which is coo cause I have curves to spare. The crotch doesn't do anything funny on me. I love that the legs stay down - usually they ride up when I wear shorts. Also, the high-rise is awesome while standing but when sitting - it almost reaches my chest. O.o

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