Zellers: 10% Off for HBC Card Holders


This weekend Zellers is holding a customer appreciation event. It starts Friday and goes through Sunday. Buy almost anything and why you pay with your HBC Credit Card or your HBC Master Card you will get 10% off.

Now a little news blip for those of you who don't know: Target is coming to Canada. for those of you who don't know they have bought up 122 Zellers locations and will be turning them into Targets. Target is a very popular US chain of stores and it will be very interesting for bargain hunters like Anna, Jodie and I to watch how this changes the market in Canada.

Back to the 10% off discount, January 21st to January 23rd inclusive! Enjoy, because Zellers might not be around that much longer!

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  • Martin
    Its up to 220 Zellers stores actually..but likely about 150!

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