Winners Lingerie Sale: Up to 60% Off


Starting July 8 (tomorrow), Winners is having an in-store lingerie sale. I thought this worth mentioning due to the popularity of Winners (at least where I live) and how you can get brand name clothing there at a fraction the cost! Now you can take your fractions, and divide them! Or we can work with percentages, and Winners claims this sale will involve lingerie up to 60% off!

  • Bras will be $16.99 and under.
  • Panties are starting at $2.99.

Use the following to find your nearest store:

I'm an odd duck when it comes to lingerie, all my bras have to be Marie Jo (best bras in the world) however my underwear are pretty much anything goes (as long as it costs less than $4), and no two pair are ever matching. I have become rather attached to Bamboo fabric as of late though.

What are your favourite brands?


  • maggie
    Just so no one is confused -- it's not really a sale in the traditional sense. They will just have more lingerie than usual for this event, at their usual sorts of prices. I used to work at Winners and people would not understand this and get annoyed...
    • Avigayil
      Perhaps people get annoyed because Winners advertises it like a sale? Indeed.. they use the words sale and up to 60% off.. etc. ^__^ Thanks for clarifying. :-)

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