Win An iPad Or $100 To Spend @ (Bargainmoose's 2nd Birthday)


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Today in our daily contest to celebrate Bargainmoose's 2nd birthday, we're giving 1 lucky mooser the chance to spend $100 on kinky items from! They've also given us a new exclusive promo code to get a 20% discount on their site. Here are the coupon code details first:

Click here to use the Pink Cherry coupon code online

[blogcoupon name=" Pink Cherry Canada" code="BDAYMOOSE" url="" discount="20% off" expiry="31st August 2010"]

How to enter: Click the above link to, leave a comment below stating one of the items you would spend your $100 on. Make sure you leave a valid email address in the slot provided so I can contact you if you win.

Remember, if you enter this contest, you also get a bonus entry into the iPad contest. Check back daily on Bargainmoose to keep up-to-date!

How to get bonus contest entries:


  • Ends 22nd August 2010
  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • All winners announced at end of iPad contest



  • stacey d.
    THE Lockable Extra Large Vibrator Case - Pink you could use this for all kinds of things make up etc lol staceyx at telus dot net
  • stacey d.
    i tweeted staceyx at telus dot net
  • Callista
    Oooh... I love discreet packaging.... probably purchase the We-Vibe!!!
  • Samantha
    nea vibe :)
  • Nancy
    School girl plaid skirt and tie....(maybe a few little extras)
  • Trisha
    The love swing
  • Lisa
    I'm going for the White Nights Pleasure Kit
  • Susan
    Probably a nice toy for myself. ;)
  • Stephanie P.
    I would get the We-Vibe II
  • PhantmOfTheSoapOpera
    Oooh! Those vibrating duckies are so cute! Definitely one of those!
  • karen
    I tried to click the link to the site, but it did not work...anyway, went to it seperately! I would go for the duckies too....they are adorable!!
  • Melissa
    I'd pick the curve pink
  • chelle
    hmm the The Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit got a really good review and then there would be a little left to buy something fun :)
  • Andee
    Lelo Luna Beads and the Lelo Ella G-spot vib
  • Sorcha
    I have a good friend's hen night coming up and some the Novelties 'n Parties items look like they'd add a lot of fun to the evening, but the Ultimate Personal Shaver above sounds good too, hmmm :)
  • sunshine
    G-Ki Vibe - Pink
  • Sue
    The Rabbit : )
  • Sue
    Subscribe to emails.
  • Bev
    I just bought a Lelo item, but I would want to try ANOTHER Lelo item (i.e. the Lily) or perhaps this we-vibe I hear so much about!
  • gb
    the lelo bob looks thekty!
  • Missy
    I would like to get a Nea Vibe - Black Pearl by Lelo
  • Missy
    I subscribe via email
  • Missy
  • Cheryl
    The Rabbit!
  • emarie
    The we vibe!!
  • Faeore
    I've heard nothing but good about the Magic Wand by Hitachi... /shy
  • Sarah
    we vibe!
  • Jori
    Sensual Cocoa Bean & Gogi Berry Foot Foreplay Lotion
  • Michelle K.
    I'd go for the Pink Hearts Backless Chemise and you can never go wrong with some massage oil.
  • Lisa G.
    I would go for a couple DonWands!
  • Tracy
    The 52 Weeks of Naughty Nights would be one of my choices, something to spice up a whole year sounds great!
  • Samantha
    School girl plaid skirt and tie
  • Kathleen
    Lelo Ina
  • kylie
    we vibe!
  • Juliana M.
    Weekend Love Lube Kit = Wet
  • Kelly
    Liv Vibe!!
  • Melissa
    Remote Butterfly Wearable Vibe :)
  • Amelia
    Frisky French Maid Costume - One Size Black Lacy Sheer Chemise - One Size
  • Amelia
    email subscriber
  • Amanda
    Ooh Pink Cherry is definitely an interesting site to browse around....the Paris G-Spotter Vibe looks good... :P
  • Amanda
    Tweeted! =)
  • Willy
    Clone-A-Willy Vibe Kit in Glow-In-The-Dark
  • Jennifer
    One of the locking toy boxes ;)
  • Mo
    I would use the $100 at for some lingerie
  • Mo
    I am an email subscriber
  • tippy
    would definitely get the Love Swing
  • Roxy
    Decadent Indulgence 3 Vibe
  • Roxy
  • Roxy
    Subscribed to Bargainmoose daily email updates
  • Di
    Jenna's G-Pleasure Female Masturbator in Pink
  • tinam
    I really want the I Rub My Duckie Bondage Vibe ;)
  • Chris R.
    I would like the Hitachi magic wand...or maybe 2... :)
  • Jay
    Durex Avanti non latex condoms.
  • ada
    Doc Johnson vibrator in purple
  • Janice
    I would spend it on the Coquette Pink Hearts Backless Chemise
  • Pat
    I would get the Frisky French Maid Costume!!!!
  • Carla
    I'd stock up on batteries
  • Dorothy
    Hitachi Magic Wand
  • Michael
    I would get a fleshlight ;)
  • Amber
    lingerie would be my pick
  • Maya
    I'd get something from Lelo - maybe a Siri or a Mona.
  • Kathryn
    Undeniable Jelly Krystal Rabbit Vibe in Pink
  • nicole c.
    I would get some nice lingerie
  • emily j.
    Beyond 1 G-Spot Vibe in Cerise
  • Kim S.
    White Nights Pleasure Kit
  • Anita
    I would love the Sweethearts Rocket Glass Dildo... =) Thanks!
  • angel
  • Melissa
    Smart balls in pistachio and magenta
  • Samantha
    I'd get the We-Vibe II Couples Vibrator
  • Crystal
    I'd get the layaspot vibe - the colors are so pretty!
  • Melissa
    I would get iVibe Rabbit in Strawberry that is now Waterproof!
  • jakes_mom03
    It all looks good. The 100 dollars would be easy to spend.
  • jessica
    really want the I Rub My Duckie Bondage Vibe
  • rick
    I would plump for 'The Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit'
  • Rob O.
    I would start with Strippopoly to play with a few of our couple friends...
  • Lisa S.
    I would love the pleasure pearls cos no1 would know they were in and i could use my ipad that i won at the same time and have a brilliant time all round, ha ha!!
  • Ian
    We vibe
  • Tracy
    I'd get the Hitachi Magic Wand and some accessories. :)
  • Trent
    I would buy a Glow in the Dark Bondage Kit
  • Robyn D.
    The clone-a-willy kit looks interesting! And lingerie of course
  • Heather
    For sure some lingerie like the School Girl Plaid Skirt & Tie....
  • Kim
    Lingerie would be fun! Black Lace Sheer Chemise is pretty.
  • Nick
    i would like to have lube!
    I rally love the Kama Sutra The Collection set -- thanks for the chance to win
  • Josie
  • Josie
    I like the Kama Sutra collection!
  • Josie
    email subscriber
  • Dan
    I'd love to pick up a CLONE-A-WILLY kit! Hilarious!
  • KarenC
    We-Vibe II Couples Vibrator and BONUS Lucid Dreams #14
  • KarenC
    I also subscribed to via email.
  • Im J.
    We-Vibe II
  • Suzanne
    I would go for the Hitachi Magic Wand
  • suzquiz
    I would get some of the lovely massage oils
  • suzquiz
  • suzquiz
    subscribe via email
  • Nicole
    I'd get the Nea Vibe!
  • Mike G.
    I would get the black lace chemise for my wife (and me!)
  • Angela G.
    Definitely the Hitachi magic wand!
  • Tracy
    I'd get the Kama Sutra Oil in Love in Strawberry & Champagne
  • Barb
    we vibe
  • Angela
    Naughty nurse costume to surprise my hubby for his birthday.
  • Lindsay
    I'd pick up some wet lube as well as some other toys!
  • Kate
    Beehive vibratex
  • Janis
    I would use the gift certificate towards the Fetish Fantasy Incredible Sex Stool for sure! Save the back ladies! LOL
  • Trina
    erotic massage oils!!!!!!
  • Jennifer
    Go on a shopping spree with my bf!!
  • Tammy
    I think I'd have to go with the orgasmic foreplay kit!
  • Krista
    I would spend my $100 on the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Tilt Master!
  • Michael K.
    $100 on massage oils and lubricants!
  • Neils
    massage oil
  • Bluenoser
    Maybe a WeVibe... Thanks!
  • spamgirl
    I'd buy a Mesh Chemise with Ring Detail in Black - One Size.
  • Byron C.
    I'd use it to make college parties a little more interesting xP
  • Ali
    Hey there! I'd spend the $100 on a 'discreet vibrator' :D
  • Donna
    I'd like Lelo Luna Balls
  • Lisa B.
    8 Pack Flavored Fantasy Lube Set! Yummy!!! ;)
  • Scott
    No brainer - it's the We-Vibe II Couples Vibrator and BONUS Lucid Dreams #14 for $99.95
  • Greg
    I would use the $100 towards a sex swing.
  • Amy
    I'd pick up one of the ticklers.
  • Christine S.
    I would use the $100.00 towards a fantasy costune
  • Peter
    simple. I'd buy a Fleshlight
  • Hank
    silicone cock rings a bell
  • shel
    Tantus Goddess for me
  • Vivian
    Massage oils
  • tennille
    the gigi vibe
  • tennille
    email subscriber
  • B
    The Japanese 'G' Spot Velvet Touch Squirmy.
  • Kevin
    Super Head Honcho Masturbator
  • Kristen
    Lovers paint box & Sweet snow body powder.
  • maggie
    I think maybe I'd have to spend some of it on the Tantus Prostate Health Vibe...but would be hard to decide...
  • C
    lelo nea vibe!
  • Wendy
    I'd get some Kama Sutra massage oils and chocolate body paint.
  • saba
    I'd get some organic lotions and lingerie
  • Trish
    I would get some Kama Sutra products as well as some of the Intimate Organics products such as the Energizing Fresh Orange & Wild Ginger Foot Foreplay Lotion!
  • Huguette E.
    I like the Candy Striper Babydoll Costume in White and Pink - One Size
  • Huguette E.
    I'm an email subscriber
  • Huguette E.
  • Jonathan
    Fleshlight and Wet
  • pat
    i can't decide there are so many products i'd like
  • Chad
    I would choose silver bullet egg, pussy pump, bedroom fantasy bondage kit
  • JJ
    Pink Lady Original Vibro Fleshlight in Collector Tin I hope I'm not too late.
  • Charlene
    the fetish fantasy bondage kit sounds like fun! lol never heard of them till today.. think even if i dont win.. will be making a shopping trip there lol
  • denise
    I'd get massage oils and a fantasy costume!
  • richardw83
    sex swing :)
  • Jon
    Clone-A-Willy Kit
  • Megan
    Any of the Kama Sutra products!
  • cher s.
  • Jnelle
    Clone a willy kit for sure! Also some wet
  • Linda
    I'd get the Lelo Gigi Vibe
  • AMac
    Lingerie and massage oils!
  • Paula
    I subscribe to daily emails. I would spend the $100 on some lovely lotions and perhaps a fun toy of some kind.

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