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*** Contest Now Closed - Winners to be announced ***

It's time for another contest on the Bargainmoose blog! This giveaway is strictly for the over 18s! The Canadian adult toy store "Pink Cherry" have donated a we-vibe (worth $130!) to give away to one of you Bargainmoosers!

Ways to enter:

  • Leave a comment below for an extra entry.
  • Tweet about this contest, posting the twitter link in the comments below, for a bonus entry.
  • Link to the contest on your blog for another entry (post link below please).

    Enter the Bargainmoose contest to win a prize from Pink Cherry Canada!

The Pink Cherry contest will close on the 21st of August 2009 (Canadian entrants only).

If you just want to buy some goodies, then click here to shop online @ Pink Cherry Sex Toys Canada. If you're interested in purchasing the we-vibe mentioned above, use the coupon code WIN20 to get 20% discount!

P.S. Not safe for work!

P.P.S. If you are a Canadian retailer and would like to donate a prize to our lucky Bargainmoosers, just drop me a line.


  • Jonathan
    Pinkcherry rocks! Lots of goodies there. I almost need a Wishlist. LOL.
  • Doug
    My wife needs this, so I wanna win :) gl everyone
  • Stacey.H.
    Awesome! I was just checking the site out the other day lol
  • Emily B.
    I've subscribed
  • Emily B.
    I've blogged here:
  • Maggie
    I want something to make up for not getting the 10% discount the other day. :)
  • Tania B.
    I blogged:
  • Tania B.
    Tweeted (tjb415):
  • Tania B.
    Thanks for the great prize! I am subscribed!
  • Kristina
    Holy crap this thing looks awesome! Sign me up!
  • K
    Love BargainMoose!!!
  • Nicole
    I am subscribed, thanks for the chance!
  • Summer
    Couldn't pass this contest up!! lol. What a sweet prize!
  • Anna
    Thanks everyone, best of luck!
  • Michelle J.
    ooh i wana win!
  • Michelle J.
    i tweeted
  • Sassy
    ...sounds interesting :)
  • Doris
    Sorry everyone it's mine.....LOL
  • Al
    Best of luck to everyone!
  • Sunny
    I'm excited about this one. Thanks, Anna!
  • Yvonne
    Wow~ this looks good XD
  • Jane H.
  • Jane H.
    excited for this... hope ^ worked, new to this.
  • Fay. H.
    This seems fun lol. Best of luck everyone!
  • Chris
    Good luck!
  • Christine
    I've wanted one of these for ages. If I just can't wait, I'll use the 20% off for sure.
  • Missy
    My best friend has one and loves it. I need one too !
  • Lindy
    I LOVE PINKCHERRY!! Thank you for this one!:-)
  • Jennyfer L.
    Never heard of it before but would not mind winning:-)
  • Mark A.
    great website!
  • Ray
    I have heard of this product, hopefully it delivers what it promises.
  • Sandra
    I love pinkcherry! I'd love to win this.
  • Callista
    Looks fun!!! Good luck everyone!!! :)
  • Tracy
    Interesting prize ;) Thanks for the new contest!
  • Holywagon
    How do you not go bankrupt on this site? LOL
  • Saundyl
    Sounds like a fun time...toy...
  • Renee
    I love this site! I found some things that look like lots of fun ;-)
  • Kathie
  • melfox
    yay...count me in !!!
  • Yvonne
    just wondering when the winners will be announced :(
  • Anna
    With my contests, I have to await a response from the winner, and I usually like to make sure they have it before I do an announcement post. I should be announcing it in the next few days. :)
  • Yvonne
    Thanks Anna! :) but i guess the winner is not me :( i should use the coupon before it expires! :P

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