Win A $75 Old Navy Canada Gift Card!



Time for a new contest on Bargainmoose! Seeing how the Old Navy posts are one of the most popular things on the site, I think I'll give out some Old Navy gift cards!!

The grand prize is a $75 Old Navy gift card provided by The Gift Card Boutique. The prize will be shipped straight to your door, and you can spend it at your local branch of Old Navy Canada!

How To Enter:

  • For 1 extra contest entry, leave a comment below.
  • For another extra entry, tweet about this contest on twitter, linking to this page (Leave twitter link below).
  • And for another entry, post about this contest on your blog, linking to Bargainmoose (Leave your blog link below).


  • The contest will end on the 7th October 2009.
  • Canadian entrants only.
  • Must complete the email verification process when signing up to email updates.

Good luck!

P.S. If you are a Canadian retailer and would like to donate a prize for the Bargainmoosers, please email me.



  • I_Vomit_Glitter
    I hope I am the winner I LOVE LOVE LOVE Old Navy for myself and the whole family!!
  • Jonnie H.
    I subscribe to your emails. Great contest!
  • I_Vomit_Glitter
    RT @bargainmoose: Win A $75 Old Navy Canada Gift Card! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!
  • trig72
    thanks again for's hoping i get my fall shopping done for the kids VERY CHEAPLY....
  • Avigayil
    As a full time university student.. this would be AWESOME.
  • cher s.
    this would be so fun to win. thanks for the contest!
  • Emmy
    OOH! Just in time for Halloween and Winter wardrobe shopping!
  • party
    Great contest! THANKS
  • Catia
    :: waves! :: Just thinking about all the cute clothes I can get my 7 month old if we were to win this is... bargain-mooserific! =D
  • maybe
    Wow this is such an amazing contest. My son is growing so fast I could really use this gift card. Good Luck all!
  • Joni B.
    Great contest, I would love to win. This would be a great help when buy the kids' clothes. The boys grow so fast.
  • Brad
    Great contest, now only if I could get a spend $100 get $75 off!
  • Tracy
    I recently "found" Old Navy and it's now my go-to store for clothes that fit me and my kids! Thanks for the contest, good luck everyone!
  • Meagan
    I'd absolutely LOVE to win this gift card!! Thanks!!
  • Julia
    I would love love love to win!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Danielle
    I think that this is a great idea. I hope I am the winner ; ).
  • Jen
    I just subscribed to your email updates and would love to win this!
  • Lisa
    This would be a huge bonus! Thanks
  • Kathleen
    Hi I would really love to win this! This week I tried so hard to get this one, I waited and kept refreshing my page for the update but I guess these were won mere minutes after the page came up! I would love to win this giftcard. I never win anythign :S
  • Kathleen
    Oh This is a giftcard for $75! not spend $100 and get $75 off! Even better! Hope I win!
  • Maggie
    I need pants!
  • Michelle
    ooh I hope I win. I can't seem to ever be in time for the weekly $75 off $100. Thanks
  • Laura
    Done the back to school shopping. Now it's time for some clothes for Mommy! Thanks for a great site ...
  • nina
    Going to Old Navy for new clothes for my oldest preschooler has been on my To Do list for weeks now... this would be a great help!
  • Dar
    $75 goes a long way at Old Navy would love to pick up some early christmas presents. :) Thanks!
  • suha
    this will be abig surprize for me and all my family ......... i wish i am the winner
  • Steven
    I love Old Navy!
  • Doug
    Old Navy ROCKS!!!
  • The H.
    Consider me entered! :)
  • Burcu
    Thanks for the oppurtunity.
  • Shelley M.
    Great Contest! I love Old Navy!
  • willowsprite
    Yaaay! Great contest.
  • willowsprite
    Tweet, tweet!
  • Erica
    Great contest! I love that Bargain Moose posts hints to get the Old Navy coupons each week...thanks!
  • Susan F.
    Love BargainMoose ! Old Navy is BONUS !!!
  • anna
    i've been obsessed with ON for the longest time now! here's a blog and a tweet!
  • swcrawl
    Awesome contest Anna!! I love old navy!
  • stacey d.
    oh my duaghter would love me if i won this GREAT
  • stacey d.
    i posted here
  • truedesigngirl
    Old Navy Giftcards ROCK!
  • Josie
    WOO HOO I love Old Navy! This would definitely come in handy!
  • Fay. H.
    Mmmmm I love Old Navy! They're awesome! Twit:
  • Fay. H.
    Mmmmm I love Old Navy! They’re awesome! Twit:
  • Katie
    Hey I'd love to win the $75 Old navy Giftcard! I <3 their stuff! <3 Katie
  • Roxy
    Old Navy is great those dreamer jeans r nice too.
  • Roxy
  • Roxy
  • Sandi
    I love love love BargainMoose! It started me on my savings obsession. Thanks for the opportunity to win an Old Navy gift card.
  • NLgal
    Thanks Bargain Moose - you rock!!
  • Jessica
    Really hope I win this! Love your site!
  • Shannon
    Hi! I recently found your site, it's great! 1 - I subscribed! 2 - Comment here! 3 - Thanks! I need a new wardrobe! :) Shannon
  • Jessica
  • Colleen C.
    Thanks for offering the GC Bargain Moose - I could use some new jeans!
  • Maria
    I really hope I win
  • Snugnluv
    I subscribe. Great site.
  • Snugnluv
    $75 towards Old Navy would come in very handy with two little ones. Thanks.
  • Jonathan
    New clothes! What more could a guy ask for?
  • Rhonda
    I hope I am the winner, I scan Old Navy Weekly constantly and love doing it. I personally have rec'd some amazing deals, but nothing like this coupon. BargainMoose you ROCK!
  • Vickie
    Thanks for the contest!
  • Dawn
    I love Old Navy! I love free Old Navy stuff even more!!!
  • Amanda
    Free stuff! @amandageddon
  • Christy
    I love Bargain Moose - one of the best new sites I have come across in a while. Oh and I love Old Navy too. I try to win the weekly coupons on their site, but never manage to figure out the 'tricks' in time. LOL!
  • Christy
    I blogged about you!
  • Sue
    I'm a subscriber, would be great to win this!! Just in time for Halloween:)
  • Cheryl
    Love the website!! Would love this gift certificate - have 2 small girls so would come in very handy for fall/winter clothes!!
  • Ilissa H.
    Fabulous giveaway! I'd love to pair this with the coupon I have!
  • kendra
    Love BargainMoose and love Old Navy!
  • andrea
    Thanks for the chance to win! Could mean some new clothes for the kiddos! Love your blog btw, i read it every day! Keep up the great work :)
  • andrea
    tweet tweet!
  • Tallgirl
    I'd love to buy some new clothes for my daughter as well. Thanks for the contest!!
  • Sara
    New to this website and LOVE it already!
  • Terri
    I'd love to have a little spree at Old Navy!
  • Jessica
    Great website.
  • Amanda
    i'd love to win!!
  • Kaitlin
    This would be awesome! Thank you!
  • Amanda
    I tweeted:
  • Andrew
  • Ladine
    So far I am loving Bargain Moose. Finally something just for Canadians!
  • wendy
    yipppeee....something that i could definitely use..!!!!
  • Christina M.
    I love Old Navy!! Thanks for running this contest. Hope I win with this comment!
  • Andrew
    i could use some new clothes.
  • Tina S.
    the best of the best old navy.... my kids love this brand and I love the savings I can get!
  • Krystel
    This would really help with back-to-school shopping!
  • Sarah
    Love your website, check it everyday. Go Moose!
  • Heather
    Great prize and it would certainly help with back to school shopping for our 12 year old son who is growing.
  • Susan K.
    This would make a great Christmas surprise for my daughter (starting to hope already)
  • Susan K.
    I tweeted here
  • Bcteagirl
    I love their boxing day sales, if I could keep myself from spending it until then lol. Thanks!
  • Bcteagirl
  • Bcteagirl
    Wups, here is the link:
  • Lindsay
    Great giveaway! The gc would really help keep my maternity clothes budget down!
  • Crystal W.
    Awesome contest! Luck to everyone!
  • Nicole
    already subscribed, love the website :) being a single mom, I would love to win this, thanks for the chance!!
  • Cindy
    I LOVE this site!!
  • Tasha
    Thanks for all your bargain tips! Love it! I hope I win :)
  • Joy
    Thanks for such an awesome website!!!
  • Irene
    Love your website!
  • angela
    thanks for giveaway
  • Sevina
    New to the site and have already printed out some coupons. Thanks for doing all the leg work.
  • Gloria
    I just found this website. It's great!! I just love the coupons. Thanks :)
  • jojo
    excited about old navy - thanks!!
  • Frugalista
    This would be awesome if I won!
  • Sharon M.
    That would be a great start to Christmas shopping for my grand-kids.
  • Poltzie
    I would love to win this. It would be a great way to buy presents for my big family for Christmas!! Also, I subscribe to you through google reader. Does that count?
  • Kelly
    Fall shopping is leaving me drained - $75 gift card would sure come in handy. Good luck to me!
  • Amy
    I love Bargain Moose! Thanks for all your nifty finds, and contests! :)
  • Tammy H.
    Thanks for all the great tips on bargins!
  • Curtis
    Just found this site. Looks good.
  • Monique R.
    I love contests- and would love to win a gift card- I don't spend much on myself- please visit my site!
  • athary
    i wish i WIN!
  • Renee K.
    This would be so Great to Win,I could get my twin boys some totally cute matching sets for their 1st Birthday!!
  • chantal
    I am wearing old navy right now. Need more.
  • Thatie
    Thank you ~ I'd love to win!
  • Michelle
    ooh i want to win! I've been trying FOREVER to get these coupons! Thanks
  • lisa
    Great contest!
  • AMac
    Thank you for letting us know!
  • Sarah
    Thanks for sharing with us.
  • fahim j.
  • Lauri
    I would love to win this to get some new items for my wardrobe. I love the website. Keep up the great work!
  • Kelly
    Could really use this gift card. Clothing children for school is getting harder and harder every year. My kids both need new snow pants, jackets and boots this winter too. Good lord, does it ever end?
  • Beth
    Woot Moose!
  • Melody
    I love Old Navy
  • cassie
    Great contest! Thanks :)
  • Pam rocks!!! I've saved tons on $$$
  • alanna
    Would love to win!!
  • Cathy
    I love Old Navy for baby clothes! None of that pink, lacey, frilly stuff my mother-in-law buys!
  • shar
  • Emily B.
    Ooh! so glad I'm a subscriber. Gotta love Old Navy for basics for the whole family. I have a pair of shoes I got there for I think $15 - and my friend bought nearly identical ones at Nine West for $60!
  • Emily B.
    I posted about this on my blog:
  • Deanne S.
    I just cleaned out my closet (actually still had clothes from high school in there...SAD, it's been 20 years!) I really need some new clothes!
  • KerriLee
    I've got two boys, and have finally begun to love shopping for OLD NAVY. Boys clothes are beginning to become more cute than girls...or it could just my acceptance of having 2 boys. :)
  • Nance
    Love your site - great layout, easy to read :) Always try to win those Old Navy coupons but never have, maybe I'll be lucky this time...
  • Rosita
    I would love to win this gift card. Heart Old Navy!! :)
  • Kady
    Would love to win this... with 3 kids it would be spent quickly!! :)
  • Kady
    Here's the link to my blog post...
  • Melanie
    Love Old Navy and would love to win even more. Great contest, thanks.
  • Kris
    I love this site. Thanks for keeping it so current.
  • fokxxy
    Already a subscriber by email and I would lobe to be entered and am commenting !
  • Amanda G.
    Oh how I would love to win this prize, I love love shopping at Old Navy :)
  • Sandy
    I don't twitter but I can certainly leave a message here and find a way to shop at Old Navy with 3 kids. I love there Halloween costumes for the kids and our dog.
  • Martha
    I really need some new clothes!!! Great contest! THANKS!!
  • Jivy
    What an awesome contest. Thanks!!!
  • kimberly
    this contest is cool hope i winn. love shopping at old navy for my little one
  • Kim
    Great to get some christmas gifts!!
  • lucywinchester
    oh I am broke...I will check my mailbox every hour!
  • Kylie
    Hope I can win this one - so I can get some new clothes for my new baby :)
  • BEST E.
    I could use a shopping spree about now!
  • Julie
    Woo hooo! Fingers and toes crossed! :)
  • meena
    i hope i win,its been a long time since i won anything!!!
  • suzanne
    Good luck to me!
  • rajni
    i love all the deals from old navy i think in am going to win.
  • shauna
    I don't think I've ever won anything!! Fingers crossed ;)
  • TJ
    Thanks for the fun contest :)
  • saundyl
    I love old navy! Thanks for the contest!
  • deniz
    Love this website, awesome contest!
  • Sophia
    I subscribed. I love old navy!
  • eric
    75$ giftcard contest !
  • Angela
    I would love to win this!
  • Snugnluv
    Thanks so much. I would love to win. :)
  • Keri
    This would be great for an early start at Xmas shopping!!
  • Alexandra
    these contests are amazing, thank you!
  • shel
    Great prize, thanks for the contest.
  • Leigh
    Great contest!
  • quormy
    you are the greatest! thanks for keeping me up to date on all the bargains.
  • Jeremie D.
    Great website for bargains!
  • HC
    I love old navy, I hope I win!
  • Laksmi
    I already get the newsletter, please include me in your contest - thank you!
  • sharilyn
    oh.... what a treat it would be :) Thanks for offering :)
  • SBelinda
    PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)
  • Donna
    I already subscribe for email updates, here's hoping this additional entry is the winner! Thanks for the great giveaway!
  • Yannick L.
    I would love to win this gift card :)
  • Mike
    Hooray for free stuff!
  • anwar
  • Betty G.
    My granddaughter just loves, loves, loves Old Navy. It would be great to win this gift card so that I could take her shopping for some new school clothes.
  • Tina
    I love Old Navy!
  • Debbie
    I love old Navy - they have really nice stuff and very reasonable for the most part.
  • Jenny
    I would love to win. I really need some new fall clothes.
  • Tasha
    old navy is awsome just bought like 40$ worth last week yay!!!
  • Robyn
    I would love to win this and stock up on fall clothes! *crosses fingers* Good luck, everyone!
  • Cassie B.
    I would love to win this to buy my kids new clothes, they are having growth spurts!!!!! Good luck all
  • mary
    i love old navy............
  • shar
    thanks for offering the great deal!
  • Mel
    My boys could use some new school clothes, they are growing like weeds!
  • Emmy
    I've become so addicted to looking for the $75 coupons on the site (with no luck, they get snatched up so quickly!) that it would be nice to get a big break :-)
  • april
    This one is mine!! Ha ha!
  • sherry g.
    Thank you for offering such a great contest and prize!!
  • Lauren
    Thanks! I love Old Navy!
  • Carolyn P.
    Hope you are enjoying your vacation! I am already subscribed to the email updates, but I used twitter to begin following bargainmoose and to tweet about the gift card draw - on my twitter page, I would so love to win this as I have lost quite a bit of weight in the last year and could really use some new clothes :) Thanks!
  • Slemo
    I really hope I win - I LOVE Old Navy!
  • HebaS
    Hope I win win win!!! Love Bargain moose!
  • Mel
    Thanks for offering such a great contest. Hope to finally win something ON.
  • Julie
    Me! Me! Oh, pick me! Me! lol
  • Marlo
    Great prize! Love ON and Bargainmoose; never would have known about ON weekly without you.
  • Louise
    I would love to win this prize. I have a brand new Granddaughter to buy clothes for.
  • lisa L.
    I have only just started to look for coupons on the click page & I love it keep going back just incase I missed something! It's addictive. Love shopping at Old Navy. winning the $75.00 gift card would only make it that much better!!
  • Huguette E.
    I'm already enjoying my email subscription :)
  • Kristen
    I just started using Bargain Moose and I can't get enough! Thank you!
  • Maxine
    Love your site (and this giveaway).
  • Huguette E.
    Old Navy is one of my favorite stores, thanks for the chance :)
  • Callista
    Oooh! Oooh! I want in!! :)
  • Louise
    I hope I win!! I need to buy my baby girl some winter clothes!!
  • Susannah
    Keep the great bargains coming!
  • nadee
    love old bargainmoose............ want to win.......not to loose....... wish luck for everyone....... but pray for only win is mine....... :)
  • Shea
    I love winners !!!!
  • Laura
    Love your site!!
  • Huguette E.
  • Gail
    Great contest! Hope i'm the lucky one;)
  • Dana
    Great contest. Good luck everyone!
  • Jessica
    pick me :o)
  • sharlene p.
    wikked. i love this.. hope i win!
  • Karry
    I subscribe via email
  • Karry
    Wth 2 kids that gift card would come in handy
  • Karry
    I follow you on twitter and tweeted
  • Alison
    I would love a chance to win! Woohoo!
  • angela m.
    email subscriber great contest thanks
  • valerie m.
    Love all the sweaters.
  • JenS.
    This would be great - thank you!
  • Becky
    I subscribed to the newsletter :)
  • Becky
    I LOVE Old Navy!!!!! :)
  • Becky
    Follow you and Tweeted about this awesome contest!! :)
  • Karen
    I love mooses!
  • Jack D.
    I think Old Navy beats all!!
  • Corie
    Great giveaway! If I won this, my sons would be getting a bunch of new clothes!! lol :D
  • Corie <tweeted this awesome giveaway!
  • Aileen
    I just subscribed!
  • Mary
  • cheryl h.
    I Subscribe to Bargainmoose email updates
  • cheryl h.
    I have 3 teenage granddaughters who always shop at Old Navy. Love to win this for them. Awesome giveaway. Thanks
  • cheryl h.
    I follow you on twitter username is iamcherdon tweet
  • me
    I Love Old Navy
  • lilshuga2001
    Cool!! I just subscribed!!
  • Anna
    Contest now closed folks, I'll be announcing a winner soon!

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