Threadless $10 Tees (18th March 2010)


Just a little heads up for you guys, about my favoritist t-shirt company in the world! Threadless tees are having a $10 sale, starting on Thursday the 18th March, 2010. (NOW ON)

I think I will bump this thread up to the top of the blog when I see that the sale has started.

For those of you not in the know, Threadless are a US based t-shirt site, so the prices are in US dollars and they ship from the US. They sell amazing t-shirts, I absolutely love many of the designs, and own about 40 t-shirts from their store. Yes, I am serious, 40 t-shirts! Check my flickr pic if you don't believe me, but I have bought about 20 more since I took that picture.

Shipping to Canada is steep if you are only buying 1 t-shirt, but if you are buying a few, the cost doesn't go up proportionately (I usually buy about 3 tees in 1 go).

I am definitely NOT buying anything this time! Every time they have a $10 sale, I usually persuade myself to buy about 3 t-shirts. But as I am now getting quite heavily pregnant, I don't want to wear my lovely Threadless tees and stretch them all out of shape.

What do you think?

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