SPC: 10% Off Now at Warehouse One


Warehouse One has become a new affiliate with SPC. When shopping there you can use your SPC card to get an extra 10% off your purchase! Isn't that snazzy?

They have locations ALMOST all across Canada, so if you are unsure where one is:

Unfortunatly they dont have online shopping yet. :-(

One of the great deals they have going on right now is BOGO 50% off select styles in store! So that might certainly be worth checking out.

I knew nothing about Warehouse One jeans before I saw this, so I did a little reading, and thought I would share the little history lesson with you:

Warehouse One: Believe it or not, in 1977, we started by selling jeans from the trunk of a car in Winnipeg, Manitoba. At the time, our goal was to offer quality jeans at the lowest possible price. We were convinced that everyone could look and feel good in our jeans. Today, we are committed to that same philosophy, and have grown to over 113 retail locations across Canada.

That is such a sweet story. Does anyone wear their jeans? Are they good quality?


  • Kris
    Wohoo! I have been waiting for Warehouse One to finally start taking SPC.
  • Sarah
    I LOVE Warehouse One, so I am really happy to hear that they are on board with SPC now! Yes, their stuff is good quality, and their jeans are some of the only ones in town that fit me (I have a long inseam and am slim, but I have large thighs as I am athletic and muscular; with other brands of tall jeans, I sometimes can't get them past my thighs, lol!). They are also very reasonably priced. I've never paid more than $30-$40 for jeans there, although they do go up to about $80 I think. They also have nice shirts there. And great sales! Yes, this store is one of my favourites! :D I'm definitely going on the weekend to take advantage of the double-discount (20% off, including sale items!)

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