Penningtons Canada: Save 50% Off Outerwear & Accessories Today Only

Penningtons Canada is continuing their holiday offers with another great deal.  Today only, they will have all of their coats and winter accessories for 50% off.

Addition Elle had this deal on last week and if you missed out on it you might be able to get something you missed out on.  Since Addition Elle and Penningtons are connected, they sometime have some of the same merchandise.

At Penningtons, not only do they have some great coats for winter outerwear, but the also have ski pants!  The ski pants are included in this deal so you will be able to save a whopping 50% off all of them.  This is huge because they can be quite pricey normally and don't often go on sale.  I found these ski pants that were $80 but today they are just $40. They come in both grey and black so they will match pretty much any coat you have.

There is a flat rate shipping fee of $7.50 for Penningtons and Addition Elle, and the great thing is that you can order from both stores and just pay the one shipping cost.

(Expiry: 19th December 2012)

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