Old Navy Canada: 50% Off Outerwear!

Old Navy

Here’s a super deal from Old Navy Canada! Between the 6th and 12th of November 2009, they are offering a 50% discount on outerwear for all the family.

The deal is an in-store only offer. You don’t need a printable coupon or anything, just head to your local Old Navy.

I’ve been using the same grey winter coat for about 6 years now. It’s getting a bit tatty and I am getting very bored of it! It was probably the most expensive coat I had ever bought though, around $200 if I recall correctly. But it was a good investment and lasted me a long time. I don’t know if the Old Navy coats would be quite as durable... for a fraction of the price? What are your thoughts on the quality of the Old Navy clothes?


  • joy
    For the most part they are a one season wear item- meaning you can't wear them for several years. Its good if you want pieces that are the latest styles but look somewhere else to invest in quality wardrobe staples you want to keep. Good for kids clothes when you get them on sale & with a coupon. Very unlikely I would ever buy anything full price from there. They did have nice maternity clothes for good prices.
  • John
    I personally think the quality is average, in terms of todays standards.(Which is not very high anymore) Their sizes are very odd, at least for me. I think rather spend a bit more and go for Abercrombie, as they have great quality clothes, I have never has anything stretch out or fade. If you go during summer clearance, you can find some great buys, as they never, ever give coupons. I would still pay full price for their clothing, as it is very soft and comfortable. I do find that thier clothes do shrink a bit, so you might want to size up one. Also, I think that their sizes are also strange. A small t-shirt is not the same size as a small hoodie etc. Always try on before you buy! I have still not learned this lesson, as I am always in a hurry and end up buying half the wrong sizes!
  • Anna
    Thanks for the opinions guys! I know a lot of Bargainmoosers on here are very keen on Old Navy for the kids clothes. Perhaps it's because they are cheap, and only need to last as long as the kids grow out of them :)
  • Lyndsay
    Old Navy is okay quality. I have two boys and my five year old goes through a pair of old navy jeans about every 3-4 months because he gets holes in the knees. We also bought two pairs of pyjamas there that he put holes in the knees after one wear. So buyer be aware for kids clothes!!
  • Mercure L.
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