Old Navy Canada: $1 Flip Flops In Stores or $2 Flip Flops Online


Finally, summer has arrived. With summer comes pedicures, flip flops.. and beaches. Flip flops seem to be a necessity during these hot months, and that is why we love that Old Navy Canada has their Flip Flop sale where these cute shoes are just $1 per pair when you shop in stores. Shopping online you will notice that they are $2 per pair, which isn't bad either.

There are two ways to go about this Old Navy Canada Flip-Flop promo. You can either shop at your local store and get the flip flops for just $1 per pair, or shop online and pay $2 per pair. Either way, you are limited to 10 pairs of flip flops per person. Obviously shopping in stores is the better of the two options, for one the flip-flops in stores are half the price and for two you won't have to worry about shipping fees or minimum spends for free shipping. The first 50 customers at each location will even get a free pair of flip-flops, which is pretty cool.

The selection is the same online and in stores. This promotion is valid on the solid, traditional Old Navy flip flops only. So unfortunately you can't expect to snag leather or printed flip-flops for just a buck. Even so, the solid flip flops were normally $4.94 a pair so you are saving a substantial amount by grabbing flip flops from Old Navy Canada today.

You can browse online to get an idea of which flip flops you would like to purchase. If your local store doesn't have the ones you prefer in your size, you can always snag them online. At least you can see what is in stock online with just a click of your mouse. I really like the teal/turquoise solid flip-flops that are included in this promotion. That really seems to be the popular colour this year and is far more appealing than the standard black or brown flip-flops, although black flip flops would match every outfit.  There are oodles of colours available, so you can get 10 different colours if you really like.

If you do decide to purchase your flip-flops online, keep in mind that you will need to spend $50 or more to get free shipping. That is 25 pairs of flip flops! I am sure you can browse around and find other items on sale that you would like though. Otherwise shipping is $8. If you drive a big truck like I do, then shipping may cost you less than gas to get to your local Old Navy store.

(Expiry: 4th July 2015)

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