New Bargainmoose Contest: Win A Box Of Fun From Pink Cherry!

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We've got a fantastic prize for you this month on Bargainmoose! We're going to be giving away a really great box of fun from, the adult store. It's a prize package tailored for Mr and Mrs, and would make a fantastic kinky Christmas gift for the lucky winner!

You can win all of this (pictured above):

The prize package is worth over $100.

How To Enter:

  • For 1 extra contest entry, leave a comment below.
  • For another extra entry, tweet about this contest on twitter, linking to this page (Leave twitter link below).

  • And for another entry, post about this contest on your blog, linking to Bargainmoose (Leave your blog link below).


  • The contest will end on the 4th December 2009.
  • Canadian entrants only.
  • Must complete the email verification process when signing up to email updates.

Good luck everyone!


  • Rhonda
    Another awesome contest! Thanks BargainMoose
  • Tracy
    Ohh..looks like lots of fun :D
  • Doug
    Hope I win, thanks for another great contest Anna!!!
    I hope i win i need this
  • Melynda
    What a great idea!! :)
  • Nicole
    Great contest!
  • Lisa
    Great contest! Hope I win this one!
  • Pat
    Awesome contest Anna, thank you!!!
  • Avigayil
    Wehe! I love contests. With free stuff. Thus the contest.
  • Lily
    I love this site Anna! Great contest! Good luck to everyone!
  • joy
    Thanks again.
  • cher s.
    so exciting...! i'd love to win!
  • CalRo
    Looks like a good time!!! Good luck to all! :)
  • Anne
    great contest!.. im sorry i missed the last one but this one is just as great!
  • Irish
    LOVE LOVE LOVE bargainmoose!!!
  • Amber W.
    What a fun contest!!!!
  • Joyce
  • Jody
    Posting a comment for an extra entry. Would be fun to win!!
  • Jean
    I love Barginmoose <3
  • Dar
    I love giveaways! Awesome. :)
  • Shannon
    Please enter me! :)
  • Shannon
    Link to my twitter about it!
  • Janette
    What a great contest.
  • Tracy Link to my Tweet :)
  • Catherine
    Hey, I'm new to the website and find this contest is a great idea! Thank you!
  • Andrea
    Fabulous package.
  • Cheryl M.
    Sounds fun - hope I win!
  • nicole
    I would love to win it would make my boyfriend happy too :)
  • big_mamma
  • Fay. H.
    Already subscribed! Commenting for 1 extra Twitter for 2nd! No blog for 3rd extra! ='(
  • Roxy
    oh I totally need that lockable case to um hold my money yah. lol *blush n hides*
  • Roxy
    I tweet'd the contest
  • Tara
    A fabulous contest! A great site! :)
  • Debbie W.
  • Debbie W.
    I'm already an email subscriber and if I win this I can say "Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"
  • Ashlee
  • Gloria
    Wow looks like fun. Sign me up !!
  • Laura
    I'd love an extra entry! Thanks.
  • Marsha
    WOW'S nice giveway....thank you thank you thank you...*L*
  • Missy
    I've been good but being naughty is more fun. I would love to win this !! Just celebrated our 15 year anniversary..
  • Jonathan
    PinkCherry is THE place to buy from in Canada. How many guys admit to that now? ;) This is an awesome gift package!
  • Samantha
    oooh. This would be so fun! Hope I win!!
  • Dana
    I love my daily email, I look forward to it every morning.
  • Dana
    This is my extra entry for twitter...
  • Lulu
    Luving it! Thanks a million BargainMoose for all the great deals.
  • Denise
    I hope I win!
  • AMac
    Great contest! Thank you!
  • jennifer
    I'd love to win this one - I need some fun! Posted on my twitter account as well, under @sensationalwv
  • Alexandra
    Awesome prize! (;
  • Carolyn
    Awesome prize :)
  • pam r.
    These all sound great!
  • Josie
    Whoo hoo! Love this prize! It would be a great Christmas present, to myself!
  • Maggie
    Hm, very heteronormative, but fortunately I'm heterosexual, if not married.
  • dustykatt
    OOOOHHHHH Hubby will love this
  • Neenerz
    This would be funto win! :)
  • LuvPinkCherry
    Pink Cherry is a great online store and for once it will be awesome to get a package from them that I don't have to pay for!
  • Kate
    What a fun contest! With a new baby on the way, winning anything helps us out sooo much! :)
  • Sandra
    This would be fantastic!!
  • Bear
    LOVE IT! And love Bargainmoose! You have introduced me to so many companies I never heard of before and now I am regular customers. Thank you!
  • Krit
    love this site.....check it daily!
  • Lindsay
    Sounds like fun!
  • Lisa this and i might not have time to look at bargainmoose for a while :)
  • Marlo
    Keeping my fingers crossed for this prize! Best Christmas prezzie ever for hubby;)
  • stacey d.
    what a cool giveaway sure would add spice to the holidays , i am a email subscriber too!! roswello athotmail dot com
  • stacey d.
    i tweeted !! roswello athotmail dot com
  • Roxanne
    I am following.
  • Holywagon
    I like boxes!!!
  • Tara
    What a great pack!
  • Crystal
    Woo, what an awesome prize!
  • Monique
    Always love a chance to win something- going to post this on my site too for an extra entry!
  • Monique
  • Karelia
    sweet deals are always appreciated! . . . . every penny helps, and you help stretch those pnnies - keep up the great work!
  • Jason
    Hubba, hubba.
  • Kathleen
    AWESOME! I wanna win this one!
  • Home
    Will pass on this contest as i am not married.
  • barkha
    a tatl fan of your site keep up the good work
  • Shella
    JUST PERFECT! Much needed after delivery of 1st baby! LOL. This would be GREAT. Thanks for the posting Anna.
  • Ilene
    This would be a great Christmas gift! Great prize, thanks!
  • Dina
    I would love to win this! here's my tweet about the contest
  • Cori
    Looks like a great package
  • Julie
    MMMMMM......sounds good!
  • Carolyn
    Thanks for the contest!
  • Doreen
    Holy Moly.....what a prize.
  • Miss P.
    such a WOW xmas gift! Thanks bargainmosse
  • Canadianfreestuff
    love to win!
  • PG
    This is great....thank you bargainmoose!
  • Penny
    Cool contest, really terrific prize
  • Paula
    Thanks for the giveway - hope I win :)
  • Paige V.
    Great contest, hope I win!! ..commenting for extra entry, twitter link for another
  • L have NO idea how much my relationship needs this lol..for real..LOVE YOUR WEBSITE :D
  • JL
    Great idea for couples!
  • Ker
    Pink Cherry rocks! Great site (both Bargainmoose and Pink Cherry!!)
  • Delilah S. *tweet tweet*
  • olivia
    fantastic Idea!! These products look GREAT :)
  • Stephanie
    What a great giveaway!!
  • Molly
    hoooo ! I wish I could all of this to offer to my special someone, kinky Xmas , here I come :)
  • Madeleine
    I wanna win! I wanna win! I wanna win! lol..............pppsssssttttt! I realy do wanna win
  • Sweetie
    Will be a nice surprise gift for hubby!
  • sweepsgirl62
    what a great prize I hope I win.
  • liz
  • Jenny
    Thanks for the contest!
  • Heather
    yes please!
  • jenny
    I love Bargain Moose! I visit this website everyday:)
  • Freddie
    Awesome giveaway!
  • Ange
    Thanks Bargain Moose!
  • DLM
    Great contest, thanks!
  • DLM
    Second entry for my twitter page
  • Julie
    Love the site, love the contests!
  • C w.
    Twittered and blogged :)
  • Huguette E.
    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance :) Yes, I am a subscriber.
  • Doris
    Bargain Moose is the BEST!!!
  • Trisha
    Love the site!
  • Kimmy
    Pick Me!
  • Lisa
    Great contest!
  • Pauline
    LOVE Bargain Moose. Love Pink Cherry - awesome contest. Thanks, Bargain Moose!
  • Debbie W.
  • Debbie W.
    I hope I can be on someone's naughty list this year. :) Thanks for the contest.
  • Canadianfreestuff
  • Khrysmatic
    Sweet - you have Twitter and Blogs...what if I put it on my status on Facebook - would that count too, or are you anti-Facebook? p.s. Your site rawks! It has saved me sooo much money - I'm a young Mum so every bit helps! Cheers!
  • Huguette E.
  • Amy
    Awesome contest!
  • Beth C.
    I love the new BLACK! PINK
  • Lianne
    Yay Bargain Moose!
  • Anna
    Good luck in the contest everyone!
  • Jackie
    Such a fun contest, thanks! :)
  • Paula
    Thanks for the contest :)
  • Melanie
    This prize would be lots of FUN! heh heh
  • JC
    Wow. Great contest. :)
  • rajni
    I love bargainmoose site everyday i get to know so many deals.
  • fred
    SO- did somebody win this?
    • Anna
      Yes, just waiting on receipt before I announce it :)
  • Krista
    I just discovered Bargain Moose... what a great site! I'll be sure to tell all my friends!

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