MEC: Clearance Section Gives Good Discounts


If you don't know MEC - you aren't Canadian. Just kidding, but really... it is SUCH a Canadian thing. Mountain Equipment Coop is almost like a sort of religion of it's own: an active, get off the couch and dust off your sneakers religion.

MEC makes it fairly clear they don't have sales. What they do have is a clearance section both in-store and (as I discovered recently) on-line that is like an on going sale. You can expect discounts to range but I found the average to be around 30% off.

You will need to have a membership to buy from MEC as it is a coop - those are like, $5 for your lifetime.

To give you an example of some of their clearance discounts:

So for those of you fond of MEC items, check out the online clearance section. I have always found it easier to browse than the in-store clearance.

You can do in store pick up!

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