Marks Work Wearhouse: $15 Off $50

So if you've got a cellphone and live near a Marks store, then you're all set to take advantage of this deal. You can get a code sent to your cellphone to get you a $15 discount on a $50 spend, in-store at Marks. All you have to do is text the word SMART to the number 313131.

This deal is advertised on the front page of their flyer here and the full terms and conditions are on page 3. Though the small print is hard to read, there isn't anything out of the ordinary in it, just the usual exclusions like gift cards, etc.

In the flyer itself, there are lots of offers which might make a good combo with the cellphone discount:

  • All men's tees & tanks only $9.99
  • All men's shorts 40% off
  • All men's flip flops 50% off
  • All men's polos 30% off
  • 25% off all cargo pants
  • 40% off all western shirts & short sleeve henleys

There are lots more, I've only mentioned a few of the specific deals.

(And ladies, check out the dude on page 3 in the western shirt - nice!)

(Ends 15th July 2011)

UPDATE: in-store personnel state that this promo is valid in BC only, yet it doesn't explicitly state this on their flyer.


  • Celia
    I followed the instructions for this promo.When I got the code via text message, I went to their store branch in Coventry Hills, Calgary. It was a shame that the 2 store personnel don't know anything about this deal. They tried to call other stores to find this promo, but they couldn't verify. I left my contact number for them to call me once they know about this promotion, I got a call the following day, and was told that this deal is exclusive to those in BC province, and not valid in Alberta...... May I request that you post all the information like, where it is valid and exclusions etc. Thank you
    • Anna
      That's a shame, the flyer doesn't state anything like that in the small print.
      • Celia
        It surely was.... it ticked me off, having to drive to their store and totally wasted my precious time!

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