Lonely Planet Coupon Code: All eBooks For Only $8.99 (Not $28+!)


For a few days only, Lonely Planet has released a coupon code to get the digital eBook versions of any of their fantastic travel guides for only $8.99 each! Here’s what you have to do:

Click here to use the Lonely Planet coupon code now

  • Coupon Code: NEWEBOOK
  • Discount: All eBooks for $8.99
  • Expires: 29th May 2014

The above coupon code is for a discount on the original prices on LonelyPlanet.com. For example, the Canada guide was showing up as $19.59, down from $27.99. When adding the coupon code, it took $19 off the original price, bringing the total to only $8.99 for this eBook.

If you’re going anywhere this spring and summer for more than a few days, I’d highly recommend getting a copy of the Lonely Planet guidebook for your destination. They’re an excellent resource.

I’ve used the Lonely Planet guide books in many cities and countries round the world. As well as owning the hard copies of a number of these books, I’ve also borrowed some from friends. E.g. When going on a city break to Rome, I borrowed a friend’s Lonely Planet guide just for that, then returned it when I was finished. I own copies of the guides for Iceland, Barcelona, London and a few others. I find that they’re excellent guides, giving you some really pertinent local knowledge.

Yes, you can google for a lot of this information before you leave your home, but it’s very nice to have a guide book out and about with you when you’re in the foreign city. You can learn many things from these Lonely Planet guidebooks which could come in useful. For example, the Barcelona guidebook made the recommendation that when sitting at a street café, if you have a bag or rucksack, slip the straps underneath the leg of your chair to prevent bag snatchers running off with your possessions with ease. We did just that at a café, and noticed a strange dude appearing to read the café menu near us, whilst trying to slide our rucksack away with his foot. We noticed and he scampered off. Thank you Lonely Planet!

Please note the formats that these Lonely Planet books come in and make sure they are compatible with your device before you purchase. E.g. EPUB, MOBI, PDF.

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