La Vie En Rose $50 For $25!!

8 December 2011

Eagle-eyed deal hunter Joy has spotted a superb deal for La Vie En Rose Canada. If you buy some vouchers through Groupon style site Buytopia, you can get $50 worth for only $25!

I've also just spotted an email from Buytopia themselves, letting Bargainmoose know about this deal. They tell us that quantities are limited so I would make your order as soon as possible, if you're interested.

The vouchers are redeemable at any La Vie En Rose location across Canada - easy to use.  The deal includes all their well-known products such as: silk lingerie, comfortable bras and panties, cotton pajamas, swimwear or leisurewear.

There are a few points in the small print which are worth considering though.

  • Cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or deal - probably won't work on sale merchandise.
  • Minimum purchase of $65 required - keep this in mind when you redeem your vouchers.
  • Voucher expires April 30, 2012 - make sure you use it on time!

We previously posted a great Buytopia deal where they were offering half price Staples vouchers - a lot of Moosers liked that one. Apparently Buytopia sold over 3000 vouchers in one day!

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  • J-Mo S.
    The "fine print" on this one ruins it - you have to pre-pay for the privilege of getting less than 50% off regular priced merchandise: - Applies to all regular priced merchandise only - Minimum purchase of $65 required Combine these 2 things and they're saying, you must buy more than $65 of *regularly-priced* stuff, and then they'll give you 50% off just the first $50 of that...The more you spend, the worse your %-discount gets (i.e. it's the opposite of any good deal.) The last straw is that you can't use the voucher until Jan 1, so nothing to put under the Xmas tree :(
    • Anna
      Yeah I pointed that out in the post, so it isn't quite a scorching hot as it could have been!
    • joy
      They never said the rest of your purchase (over the $50) can't be sale items.
  • Amy M.
    Yeah, I was looking at it but their stuff doesn't go on sale that often. So I still really like it. Really it's like $40 for $65 worth of merchandise, so I think that is still pretty good compared to what I normally pay. Buytopia seems to do a good job of getting this big deals though, so I'll keep following them.

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