Happy Socks: Remaining Socks and Tights 80% Off

This is a quick update: There are a bunch of tights and a few socks still holding out in the Happy Socks clearance sale, and they have been updated to 80% off!

The link above shows only in stock styles. You may notice I have linked to the US side of their site. I encourage you to checkout under the USA flag, in USD (United States Dollars). The items are cheaper on this side and because of our exchange rate with the dear ol' US of A they will be even cheaper than the USD cost. You can still ship to Canada for free with 4 pairs+. Thank you to Mooser TJ for pointing this out!

I just loaded up again on 2x of almost all the socks left: scoring wool socks for $4 a pair (orig $20) and Nylon Tights for $2.80 (orig $14!) as well as some of my highly anticipated Hemp and Recycled Yarn socks.


  • Melissa
    How do you get free shipping? My page says it will cost $4.
    • Avigayil
      Only 4 pairs should get you free shipping. :-)

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