Happy Socks: Free Shipping on 4 Products

*BUMP* - Hey guys, we just got the correct URL for the Canadian Happy Socks, so they now do sell to Canada, just different link! The deal is still on!

All my socks come from Happy Socks, that is how much I love them. Their free shipping on 4 products promo is back, so grace your beautiful feet with some funky socks.

Happy Socks is no longer gender neutral. They now make socks for women, socks for men, and socks for kids.

I love this 2 pack of animal socks for kids, only $12. Kids socks are certainly new for Happy Socks, when I bought my huge stock then didn't have them. Check out all the wonderful colourful socks!

Expiry: unknown


  • WENDY M.
    They don't ship to Canada anymore....it's not even an option in the list of Countries! I think there is some trademark issue here or something that has not been worked it-- all I know is that it SUCKS because a few years ago I ordered some and I LOVED them :(
    • Avigayil M.
      I've sent them a message, because their website distinctly says they ship worldwide. Last I checked, Canada was part of the world.
  • Jay J.
    Your link is broken!
    • Anna W.
      The links to the main site work but I can't get the link to the animal socks working, sorry!

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