Happy Socks: 70% Off Sale - No Minimum!

Happy Socks just upgraded their sale to 70% off all socks, no minimum buy! In the 2 years I have followed them, they have never had a 70% off sale, I am in shock and awe.

The 70% off includes socks, over-the-knees and tights. These are second run or sample socks, and that is why such a fantastic discount. You get free shipping to Canada with only 4 pairs of socks!

Happy Socks is one of my guilty pleasures, they are the only sock I wear! For $93.30 I just bought 19 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of tights! I just couldn't resist: the Batik Tights are regularly $31, and marked down to $9.30! I got a pair in black and white. The nylon tights are regularly $17 and marked down to $5.10!

My favourite section is the Hemp & Recycled Yarn selection of socks. I have wanted to try these forever. I just ordered 7/8 styles in this category. Regularly they would cost $16 a pair, but they are on sale for $4.80!

My best buy would probably be one-colour 2 pack I got in green: that is 2 pairs of socks for only $4.80 (reg $16!)

Totally thrilled right now, these sock deals are unheard of! :-) :-D :-)


  • Anna
    You bought a LOT of socks!!
    • Avigayil
      I could be in the Happy Sock's addicts club. lol Either way, I have never seen this sale before and I don't know if I will see it again so why not stock up!
  • anita
    Hi there, I'm looking to try some for myself...they look amazing! I'm just not sure about the sizing for the tights. The Batik Tights only come in 2 sizes? s/m or m/l? I usually wear 8-10 which is right between sizes...any suggestions on whether they are very tight in the waist? If i buy m/l that includes sizing up to US size 14...but s/m is for size 4 too? Please help! =)
    • Avigayil
      Size 8 - 10. Hmm.. I would got M/L but that is just my opinion. It is based on the idea that if it is too tight it is really impossible to wear.. but if it isn't extremely tight it is still wearable, just more comfy. It might be a good idea to email the company and ask them, their customer service is usually very good.
  • Amy
    Boo! What a fabulous deal - but there are hardly any left!! :(
    • Avigayil
      Over 1/2 of them are sold out, However, I Just checked and their are over 40 styles that at least have one size left!
  • TJ
    If you checkout throught the US website instead of the Canada website, the prices are just a little bit better plus you get the better exchange rate. On a 4 sock purchase I saved a couple bucks. Avigayil would've saved lots!
    • Avigayil
      Wow.. you are so right!!! >.<
  • Vic009
    Great Sale!....but all the good stuff is alredy Sold Out?!
  • Aber
    Did anyone receive their order shipment notice yet? I just received my receipt, no shipment notice.
    • Avigayil
      I don't think I have ever received a shipping notice from them.. in my.. like, years of buying from them. I usually get them within a couple weeks though. The last major sale they had I got them a bit late. But usually they are very dependable. let me know how it goes.
    • Callista
      I got one 2 business days after my order. SHIPPING CONFIRMATION ======================== Monday, 25 July, 2011 03:30:13 PM Dear Callista, Your Happy Socks order ****** is ready to be shipped! Your order will be sent today or the next coming weekday, depending if today's shipment already left our warehouse. Carrier: UPS Service: 1ST Class The delivery times depends on where you live: US/Canada: 2-5 business days. Europe: 2-7 business days. Nordic European countries: 2-5 business days. Others: 5-15 business days. I checked out using the US website - not sure if that makes a difference :)
  • Avigayil
    YAY!!! I have now received 2/3 of my shipments!! I am sooo happy so far! The wool socks are better than I expected, they are the perfect 'lounge around the house' socks. I just ADORE them!! I haven't tried on the tights yet but my other socks look SUPERB! I am sooo excited!! :-D Cant wait for my last shipment. :-D
  • Aber
    I placed 2 orders, and received the second (much smaller) order over a week ago- hooray! Can't wait for my bigger order to arrive, though!
    • Avigayil
      My small one arrived first too. :-)

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