Groupon Old Navy Canada Super Deal!


Bargainmooser Robin dropped me an email about this deal last night but I only just opened it a few minutes ago. It contains a SUPER deal from Old Navy Canada and Groupon.

The deal is this - you can buy a $20 Old Navy voucher for only $10!

I was reading the small print but was quite excited, so I found it a bit hard to understand. But basically, the voucher should be valid on full-price as well as sale items. The purchase limit is 1 per person, but if you and your partner or other family members have Groupon accounts too... perhaps you could buy a few! (Full terms here)

And as I write this, there are only 18 hours left to purchase the Groupon offer, so the Bargainmoose email subscribers might miss out on this deal - I recommend stopping by Bargainmoose a few times a day to make sure you don't miss out on the best offers.


  • dawn
    If anyone is interested in using my referral link I would totally appreciate it!*** * Mod edit - sorry, no referrals allowed
  • Zoe
    I recently discovered Bargain Moose and LOVE your site and have been checking so many times a day. I have a question- is this valid online? I don't have an Old Navy where I live but I love ordering from them anyway... I can't seem to figure it out though, I have never used "groupon" before.
    • Anna
      No, you purchase the groupon online, but then it gives you a voucher to use in-store, as far as I know :)

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