Gap Canada Socks!


I like socks. I have LOADS of socks. Stripy ones. Spotty ones. Fluffy ones. Big ones. Small ones. LOTS! So that’s why this deal from The Gap Canada caught my eye. If you buy 3 or more pairs of socks, you get a $6 discount on each pair!

I’ve linked to the women’s section, but you can check out the men’s selection too.

The socks start at $8.50, so you would be getting those for only $2.50 each. Just add some socks to your cart, and you should see the discount automatically applied.

PLUS if you apply the coupon code GAP25 you get an extra 25% discount on your order! So for example, if you choose 3 pairs at $8.50, you would actually get them for $5.62 instead of the marked price of $25.50!!!

Remember that shipping is free on a $50 spend. Plus, you can add items to your order from and Banan Republic Canada too, if you want to top up your order.


  • Avigayil
    WOW. If I didn't have 30 pairs of Happy Socks.. I would be so all over this.
  • Kirsten
    This is an awesome deal. My 13 year old son has just gotten into making "stupid sock creatures" and is making up his own, after one hours tutoring from me on my sewing machine. See for some examples. He will be very excited to see this deal! (His friends are giving him funny looks when he asks for their old socks!)
  • Nawal
    is this offer only online?
    • Anna
      I honestly am not sure if the offer is in-store too. If anyone finds out, please let us know. Thanks!
  • Nichole
    awesome socks for less than $2 each pair makes momma happy!
  • AnnieO
    Thanks for the great tip! Bought socks for myself, hubby and sister. Awesome prices and it's nice not to have to wear my usual black socks.

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