GameAgent: 20.11% Off Civilization V for MAC (Plus other games)


GameAgent is offering 20.11% off all the games they released in 2011! All are for MAC, which is brilliant because MAC games are often so hard to find.

These include fan favourites like:

You will have to pay shipping if you buy the box instead of the download. I have bought box from them before, it takes forever for the package to arrive, but so far no duty charges! Certainly worth the wait, enjoying Civ IV on my MAC has been a true joy.

So I am a bit bias, I own a MAC, I like to game on a MAC... and few companies supplies the games I love for MAC. So when I saw this sale by GameAgent, yipes! I was happy. :-) Hope this helps other MAC lovers out there too. This is the ONLY place right now that I can find Civilization V for MAC!

Sale expires 16th, January 2011

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