Forever 21 Winter Clearance: Up To 50% Off Select Sweaters, Boots, Coats & Accessories


Mwah! Forever 21 is rewarding all of its customers with up to 50% off select merchandise during their Winter Sale!

To be honest, I didn't step foot into a Forever 21 store when its popularity first rose because of my skepticism for how low the prices could really be. When I did finally visit a store, I hightailed out of there so fast that I didn't buy anything and not because of the prices either. Those really did turn out to be jaw-dropping awesome but I practically ran out of there because of the sheer amount of people everywhere: left, right, centre... everyone lining up for what seemed like ages and just the general chaos of it.

As cheesy as this might sound, ever since then I haven't stepped foot into another Froever 21 store and I have opted instead for shopping online where there are no crazy lines, no hassle and best of all, a bigger selection of not only merchandise, but sizes as well. Just look at these incredibly low prices:

In case you're wondering about shipping, it's free on all purchases over $60, which should be pretty easy to achieve as I guarantee you're going to be adding items left and right in amazement of the low prices. Don't forget to leave a comment with the items that catch your eye!

(Expiry: 29th January 2014)

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  • AnnaR
    Great Deals!

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