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(Bumping for new eyes) Time to give away some prizes to you lucky Bargainmoosers! This month, I think we’ll reward you with some lovely gifts from Lush Cosmetics. I’ve got two $25 Lush gift cards up for grabs. If you win one of the prizes, you can spend the $25 on online, and get a few lovely items to pamper yourself with, shipped straight to your door!

Lush is such a lovely store, I’d find it easy to spend $25 or even $50 online!

How To Enter:

Subscribe to the Bargainmoose email updates (make sure you verify your correct email address). This gets you 1 entry into the contest (If you’re already subscribed, you will automatically be entered).

How To Get Extra Entries:


  • Tweet a link to this contest on Twitter and post the Twitter link (or your Twitter profile link) in the comments below (1 extra entry)


  • If you have a blog, link to this contest one of your posts and share the link below (1 extra entry)


Canadian entrants only please & contest ends 30th June 2009!


  • Ginger
    I've got you on my RSS feed, does that count as an entry? I would use the money towards a couple of delectable massage bars, or maybe a solid shampoo for those days at the pool? I also tweeted. I @'d you. :)
  • bruleeblog
    Bath bombs!
  • Jeanette
    If I were so lucky to win the gift card, I would put part of it towards the Volcano Foot Mask since it is summer and pretty feet are important! The other part would go towards the Sexy Peel Soap to help wake me up in the morning!
  • Heather
    Oooh, you have fun contests!! :) Thanks for doing this! I would try the Vanillary perfume...Mmmm, vanilla. Once I figure out how to tweet this, I will. And my blog is - I will make a post there tonight. :)
  • chelle
    I love using the Caca Brun Mama Hair Henna, so I would so buy more of that! Love lush and Love Bargain Moose!
  • chelle
    I Tweeted!
  • Grocery A.
    I would get one of those bath bombs for my fiance! I want to see what they do! I tweeted this already: @groceryalerts post is at: Is the URL from our site to yours?
  • Kelly F.
    It's got to be Sympathy for the Skin Body Cream! I've been using it for years.
  • Anna
    @Ginger - sorry, I have no way of keeping track of RSS readers so I cannot use that as a contest entry :) Email updates mean i have your email address to contact you for the prize. But you have an entry for your comment and an entry for the tweet :) Good luck everyone!
  • Amanda
    bath bombs! bath bombs!!!
  • Maggie
    Easy, Each Peach (and Two's a Pair) Massage Bar! I love that stuff. Delicious.
  • Crystal W.
    Oh my, I would buy bubble bars! Lots of bubble bars! Crystal
  • Annikka
    On a After 8:30 Massage Bar and Honey Trap Lip Balm :)
  • Tracy
    I would definately get the Curly Wurly Shampoo because my son, daughter and I all have naturally curly (and slightly crazy!) hair.
  • Geraldine
    I would love to win the Karma Solid Perfume and some bath bombs especially since it's my birthday.
  • Bessie
    I would love to win the Sympathy For The Body skin cream. It's wonderful!
  • Tania B.
    I would probably invest in the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter for my ragged hands!
  • Sherri
    I'd love some Happy Hippy shower gel!
  • Tania B.
    I tweeted about your giveaway (@tjb415):
  • Pam
    For sure I'd get the after 8:30 massage bar and I can't decide on a lip balm flavour but I love their lip balm.
  • Tania B.
    I blogged:
  • Joy
    bath bomb!
  • Jane
    I LOVE LOVE Karma soap. I have been using it since before Lush came to Ottawa. I found it at the Lush store in Vancouver so long ago. I also love Almond Kisses face cream but it's discontinued! :( You get hooked, and then it's gone... I would love Gorgeous skin cream because I could never spend the $$$ on it for myself. Fantastic site by the way. Just found you so keep up the great work. :)
  • Erin
    the Bunty Gift: Sweet vanilla and cotton candy for indulgent bath time soaks - Pop In The Bath, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, Butterball, Think Pink Bath Bomb. The only way to get away from my boys and RELAX!!
  • wench
    Anything Karma, especially the fragrance which I have never got due to the price! And for the bonus entry - but don't read it.... I have no life!!! I'm boring - life for me is just Doom and Quake! ;)
  • Nik N.
    I would use the gift card on bath bombs & honey trap lip balm!! YUMMMMY Awesome contest Anna, your the best!!
  • Blanca
    I would get the Ultralight is AMAZING!!!
  • Tammy H.
    The almond butter buttercream would be my sounds so good I want to eat it!!!
  • Roxi
    I would get a Mask of Magnamity Cleanser, a Therapy Massa Bar and a Big Blue Bath Bomb!
  • Nicole
    I love the Angels on Bare Cleanser and I'd like to try the Enchanted Eye Cream Moisturizer. Perhaps soon I will be if I win a $25 gift card! :)
    lush lime shower smoothie!!
  • wendy
    mmmm..its all soooo nice...i would love to try the enchanted eye cream.. orrrrr...the skin drink moisturizer..
  • Kerry
    The hair care trial kit looks like a great way to sample several products for a great price. And I could almost get two for $25 ...
  • brendan
    I'd get the Candy Fluff Dusting Powder for my gf's birthday.. she'd LOVE it!
  • Anna
    I think you might be the first guy in this thread Brendan! Good luck everyone!
  • Josie
    Ibiza Party shampoo!!!
  • Navi
    bath bombs are the best!
  • Liliane
    Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
  • Diane
    I have to choose just one thing?! LOL I think I would have to try one of their facial moisturizers or get some more bath bombs or bath melts.... I could go on. There isn't much from there I don't want to have! LOL I also passed the link on through Twitter AND facebook LOL
  • Rosita
    Hey Anna! Thanks for posting this lovely freebie. I would use the $25 on the "Vanilla Delite Body Lotion." I think vanilla smells amazing and we, girlies, need soft skin- just in time for summer!! Oh, and the body lotion is vegan too. We can look and smell great, without cruelty. :)
  • Anna
    I'd buy a whole bunch of bath bombs:) Maybe the strokes Hair treatment.
  • Lindsay
    I'd use it towards a shampoo, conditioner, or maybe the ultralight moisturizer!
  • Rosita
    Here's my tweet!
  • Jennyfer
    Definitely the bath bombs!! My entries: 1) 2) 3) 4) My tweet:
  • Carla
    Mmmm Shower Smoothie!
  • Sydney
    I would totally use this $25 on the vanishing Cream! ITS AMAZING! my twitter is
  • Sydney
  • Lexi
    I would use the $25 on 2 bath bombs (Big Blue and Butterball) and a Hair Affair sample kit.
  • 02tanya
    I would buy the volcano foot scrub !!! Boy do I need it !!!
  • Catherine D.
    If I won the LUSH gift card, I would definately stock up on bath bombs and bath melts! There is nothing like a good bath to relax after a long day! My fave bath bomb is Avobath...who doesn't love avacados!
  • Catherine D.
    I twittered this here: and posted in my blog: Thanks!
  • Debra
    Flying Fox shower gel. Very luxurious and destressing. Highly recommended :)
  • Nadia
    Curly Wurly Shampoo :c)
  • Jonathan
    I love Lush! I'd get the Demon In The Dark Soap, along with Shave the Planet Shaving Cream. I'm a guy....I always feel at odds going in there, but I like their products! :)
  • Katie
    I would DEFINITELY put it towards getting some new DreamWash! I get really dry skin in the summer along with psoriasis, and DreamWash works like a charm to clear it up! I can use it in the shower or bath, or I can put it on during the night ro day and let it dry. LOVE IT!
  • Pam
    I've been dying to get the "Caca Brun Mama Hair Henna" dye. I've seen so many good reviews and it's a great way to keep black hair shiny and healthy.
  • Nicole
    definitely the massage bars :) I know someone special who loves a good massage. And I need a few new lip balms as well. thanks for the chance to win!
  • sunny
    I would love to get the Karma Solid Perfume and the Honey Trap Lip Balm! Well, everything sounds pretty amazing... Thanks Anna for this chance!
  • willowsprite
    You mean I haven't entered this yet?? What the? ;) I love LUSH. My favorite items are the avobath bomb, rock star soap, and you've been mangoed bath melt. And bon bom bath bomb. Aaaand butterball. And lots of other
  • willowsprite
    Tweeted! And Let Them Eat Cake lipbalm! :D
  • Lisa K.
    I looooooove, love, loooooooooooooooooove the Gorgeous moisturizer! I have very sensitive skin and the gorgeous moisturizer is the only lotion that actually helps to build back my skin. The only downfall is that it is the most expensive lotion in the store. It has neroli oils which help regenerate the skin. so to get a gift card would be amazing!
  • Maj
    Wanna win Lush card!
  • Deedee
    I wanna try out the Henna for Hair product using the card.
  • Terri
    Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar, Let Them Eat Cake lipbalm! and Karma Solid Perfume Pure heaven. Thanks Bargain Moose.
  • shel
    I'm subscribed to the rss feed in a reader if that counts. I'd probably put it towards a facial moisturizer, like celestial. Thanks for the entry. :)
  • Kaitlin
    I would love the Godiva solid shampoo. I know from experience that it smells amazing.
  • Colleen
    I'd be spending on the massage bars!
  • Anna
    *** Contest closed *** Winners will be announced in a few days

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