Citizens Planet Canada: Local Shopping Network = Great Deals

Citizens Planet is a small shopping network (out of Calgary, Alberta) that has fantastic sales. Right now the brands on same are NuMe, Sea Smadar, Romeo & Juliet Couture, vkoo Cashmere and Q40.

The sale on NuMe is really awesome. We are talking professional hair styling products that regularly cost $200+ on massive sale! They have a NuMe Fashionista Ceramic Iron for $89 - which is 71% off the retail price of $300! They also have $200 curling wands on sale for only $69!

I also am a big fan of Sea Smadar. My hubby bought me a bracelet/necklace (it doubles!) almost 2 years ago and it is a fabulously versatile piece of jewellery. They have the Leather Wrap Bracelet (which i got) in tons of different colours and on for an awesome discount: regularly $139 they are on sale for $69. I have worn mine as an ankle bracelets, a bracelet and a necklace. :-)

There are several other worthy sales for you to check out.. so check them out! Free shipping on orders of $150 or more.

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