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6 April 2009

I’ve just noticed that

There are some other offers which are worth checking out as well:

  • Tees, tanks, tubes & sunnies – 2 for $15
  • Girls polos, graphic tees – 2 for $20
  • Guys polos – 2 for $25
  • Guys shirts – 2 for $30
  • Shorts, fleeces, licensed tees – 2 for $30
  • Girls Capris – 2 for $30
  • All Jeans – buy 1 get 1 half off

Blue Notes are also offering a tote bag for only $1, if you want to add it to your cart. You will see it as you go through the checkout. Or, if you purchase 2 pairs of jeans, you get the tote bag for free. :)

Don’t forget to use coupon codes for extra discounts!

Remember that the promo codes bluenotesfb or register10 will give you an extra 10% off your order total, even when you have those promo items in your cart!

UPDATE - promotional code 25OFF gives you a 25% discount too!

2nd UPDATE - promotional code 50OFF gives you a WHOPPING 50% discount too!

I like Bluenotes for affordable spring and summer clothing. I actually got a set of capris there last year which I really love, and cannot wait to wear them again this spring!

So, what more could you ask for? Special promos, discount codes, and free shipping!? Well, I could ask for a big slice of cake, but I don't think Bluenotes can help.

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  • Joan
    Wicked cool price on the capris and tanks! Awesome that they have free shipping and the promo codes rock!! Thanks Anna for the sales.
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Welcome Joan! Some hot bargains to be had there!! :)
  • Lori
    I would like to now why a gift card the same as money is no good at there sale

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