Bizou Canada: B1G2 Free Hats & Scarves

I know nobody wants to think about winter already but Bizou Canada has a sweet little promotional section where when you buy one you get two free on hats and scarves!

I should actually only say scarf... there is one to choose from. However, you have seven hats to choose from as well. The way it works is you choose three items and you will only pay for the most expensive item of the three.

Here are my three:

I absolutely love ear-flap hats because in the dead of winter my ears get terribly cold! Besides, I think they look adorably cute. If I was buying all three (above) items full price I would end up paying $69.70. However, since it is buy one get two free I will only pay $24.90 and save $44.80.

Bizou offers free shipping on orders of $50, so I would check out their other sales and promotions if you are going to enjoy this sale. They have a very nice B1G1 free sale section and a sidewalk sale that includes sunglasses that are two pairs for $5!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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