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Beyond The Rack, what is it? It is an exclusive shopping network and it operates under an invite only or wait list model.  The link below is BargainMoose's invite to you.

Why shop at Beyond The Rack? It is authentic designer clothing, watches, handbags, sunglasses, makeup, perfume, shoes, jewelry, household items, pet items... etc: for 35 - 80% OFF retail prices. We are talking designers like Prada, Dior, Chloe, Juicy Couture, Movado, London Fog, Dolce & Gabana, Izod, it is endless.

I have been shopping at Beyond the Rack since March 2010. I now do my primary clothing shopping via Beyond the Rack. I thought I would give you as accurate an impression about the company, its strengths and weaknesses as I can. I think I have run the full gambit.

Beyond the Rack is a gift from heaven for anyone who likes any of the following: well made, designer, or expensive things. I do my primary clothing shopping there, and though I do not always meet with success I have a decent success rate and they do accept returns - but you pay for postage.


  • Incredible discounts on what I want. I got an entire cart full of Blac Label shirts and hoodies which totalled $177 with shipping, my savings was around $700 off retail price (I'm serious).
  • Flat rate of $11.95 shipping for your cart (max 10 items) no matter the size/weight of the items.
  • The variety of stuff is astronomical. Currently there is an Izod red leather jacket on there for $159 original retail price: $500. There are multiple brands on sale at the same time and every few months you will see them come back. Sometimes with the same stuff, sometimes with different stuff. There is no guarantee though that what you see in one sale will ever be back again.
  • This isn't just for women: They have plenty of men's stuff as well as kids. They even have stuff for your pets like beds, leashes, collars.. etc. I have noticed the Ed Hardy clothes seem to be quite popular with the guys.
  • You can invite a friend with your unique code. If they buy something, in a little while you will get $10 credit.
  • Great place for eco stuff like Bamboo clothing and cutting boards
  • AMAZING DEALS. Seriously. I have a full length silk and lace gown original retail around $760 we got for a little under $200.


  • On occasion I have ordered something, it has not come for months, I have emailed them about it and there has been an inventory 'error' with the supplier and they have issued a refund. Because this has happened a couple times with my account they also gave me a $10 credit this last time as a show of good will. This can be a pain if it is an item you really want and were looking forward to.
  • It can take quite a while, up to a month or two for your items to come in. For me the wait is worth the savings, for others it may not.
  • Size doesn't fit. Do research on different brands to see how they fit your body. Especially with European and Asian brand names they tend to fit SMALL. Do as much research as possible on a brand before you invest a substantial amount of money into anything. I have received several items that don't fit.. yet it wasn't worth the postage to return because the original product didn't cost that much... I have either given to friends or donated.
  • Twice I have received the wrong colour and once the wrong size (and once a missing belt). I have spoke to customer service and they told me to send it back and once they confirmed the error if possible they would replace with correct product at no cost to me. It can be frustrating to get the wrong product, but with the volume they go through daily it is no surprise. I personally couldn't be bothered out of my own laziness.

Note: As long as you choose Canada as your country all prices will be listed in Canadian, all products will be shipped from within Canada (Montreal), and there will be no duty. :-)


  • PA
    oh my poor dear... You aren't making the deals you think you are making... the products are real! here is the catch though, the prices they advertise before the discount is fake. for example: Gucci Organizer Wallet: $650 (scratched out price) sale: $320 Wow!! looks great except if you manage to track down the exact same product on the Gucci website, it will be advertised as $310 at best. In worst case scenarios I've seen them advertise a $30 chair for $150 and said originally $250. Its usually very hard to track the same product down because they slightly alter the names and product codes and they choose products that are specifically hard to track.
    • Avigayil
      Oh I have tracked down many of the things I have bought on other websites, I price compare all the time (I never buy blindly)! Some of the clothing is more difficult but if you know your brands it can make it simpler. I'm not into Gucci and that kind of stuff, so perhaps that is not why I have ran across what you have found. I did do price comparisons on Tiffany jewellery (which I didn't end up buying cause it wasn't enough of a discount) an amazing dress I found on 3 different websites for within $50 of the original retail value they stated. I have on other stuff as well. I am not discounting what you say however, I have not found this to be the case so far. I think what might contribute to this finding through is the difference between original retail value when the item first came out... and what retail value would be now, several years down the road. I know a lot of their products are last years/several last years product lines so their value can either decrease or increase.
      • PA
        Maybe I should revisit that site. But I think people should definitely be careful when shopping there, and not "shop blindly" as you have said. Because I have seriously seen them try to sell a $30 Walmart chair for $150.
  • Kait S.
    Too all who are thinking of trying. I use beyond the rack all the time such great savings and customer service. I simply love this store!!! If you join now they will give you $10 towards your first purchase!! Yay shopping :3!!*** * Admin edit - no referrals allowed
  • Dona
    I LOVE this website. So far, everything that I have received, I received within the 3-4 week period, and also very good quality! LOVE IT!
  • Lynne H.
    I also am addicted to the site,...they have many things for sale that you can't find just anywhere,...I've been using the site for 3 years now. this year they have introduced pay for shipping just once all weekend long and you can put in as many orders as you like,....I've already made 3 orders since Black Friday!!

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