Beyond The Rack Canada: Unique Holiday Cooking Items Over 50% Off

Beyond The Rack is offering unique holiday cooking items at great prices. This sale is valid until the 7th of November 2012 or while supplies last.

I go a little crazy at this time of year with Christmas on the way. I love the holidays and I love to cook, so these items were definitely the highlight of my morning.

This Butcher Block in Natural was of course the first thing to catch my eye. This was $60 and is now $29.99. The block is made of bamboo which is a great durable material for a cutting board and it features a sliding tray that collects the juices lost when slicing meats. I don't know how many times I have wished I had something like this as my family members are great lovers of gravy. As we all know, the secret to a good gravy is the drippings from the meat that was cooked.

Here's an important item for the holidays, this Adjustable Non-Stick Roasting Rack was $15 and is now $6.99. This is something we don't usually think of until we are taking the turkey out of the roaster. The fact is, these can be used for any kind of meat or even veggies. This one is non-stick, which is very important for an easy clean up, because they can get quite messy and it's much easier to just lift the item out of the roaster, rather then try to construct something at the last minute.

This Electronic Thermometer & Timer In white, blue and silver was $35 and is now just $19.99. I have never really had a problem with turkeys, poultry, roasts etc, but I wouldn't mind this for some of the recipes I have. This would be great for prime rib, as it should, in my opinion be medium rare. My son's are always telling me to “live in the now”, so maybe I'll put this on my Christmas list.

I could spend all day showing you the items in here, it's very exciting to me, but I'll just let you wander through the site on your own.

Shipping: $11.95.

(Expiry: 7th November 2012)

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