Bench Canada End Of Season Sale: 60% Off All Spring/ Summer Clothing & Accessories


It looks like Bench has decided to up the ante! Eva blogged about a 40% off sale a couple of weeks ago but you can now save 60% off all spring/ summer products during their End of Season Sale. This is definitely sure to be as good as it will ever get! Since there are so many great picks are amazing prices, I decided to just feature the sale as a whole instead of focusing on any one item.

End of Season sales are definitely the best, especially when you calculate all of the racked up savings once you reach the checkout. Even better about this one is that there are plenty of jackets that could be used in the upcoming fall season. The men's Arndale hooded zip, for instance, looks super warm and cozy, especially as it's 100% cotton. It's a zippered jacket, though the zipper is slightly off-centre, and it features a larger collar with the Bench logo on the front. It was originally priced at $119, but is now on sale for $47.99.

Although the zippered is centred, for a similar look to the Arndale but for women, I also found the Harribob zip thru. It's on sale for $39.99 (reg. $99) and it has quite an interesting pattern that you will have to check out for yourself (simply hover over the picture to see a closer look). What I love about both of these jackets is the collar as it doesn't look like a regular one. Instead, it's more raised and looks like it could be great for burrowing your chin/ lower part of your face into when walking home on a particularly cold and windy day. I know these days are still far ahead but it is August already and if you wait to get your fall/ winter apparel until when it the temperature drops, then you likely won't get as good of a deal as you can now.

There are plenty more amazing deals on all sorts of merchandise like tanks, tops, leggings, skirts, etc. Be sure to reach the $99 minimum threshold for free shipping to avoid the pesky $9.95 shipping charge that will otherwise apply.

Did you know that Bargainmoose is on Flickr? Just like the one above, there are plenty of storefront pictures taken by Anna herself. Even better is that it's creative commons, which means that you can use it on your very own blog or anywhere else. Just make sure to give credit! :D

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